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Will the hurt and pain of being cheated on ever go away?
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Will the hurt and pain of being cheated on ever go away?

Why is it that the person who has hurt me,is the one I need a hug off?


Wendy P
yes, after a while the pain will fade away, and you'll start seeing things more clearly. Then...it's time for the anger to start kicking in...but don't worry..that will go away as well...Good Luck!

I'm in my early 40s and I thought the pain would go away from when I was in my 30s. It didn't, unfortunately, but I tried. It didn't because I couldn't ever trust him anymore. Thankfully, after 9-years, I finally dumped "him", and later on, I found someone who is trustworthy. Also, I prayed a lot. Through prayer and a trustworthy boyfriend, the pain went away.

yes, when you find someone better and wonder what you ever saw in him

sauteed zucchini
it's always like this. if you give someone else a chance & you fall in love w/ that person, you'll let go of that anger w/ the ex.

sharon r
Time cures everything Honey, you'll find other (better) hugs off someone who's worthy of you. If someone cheats on you and hurts you why would you want a hug off them? Find someone else huggable. There are loads of them.

the hurt will never go away if u still have thoughts of being with this person, or expecting him to return and be sorry. the worst thing u could do is be around someone who hurt u, as the potential for it happening again is good. u want to get away and distance yourself from someone who has hurt u. why prolong the hurt and pain, by expecting anything more from the person who has hurt u. the hurt and pain does get easier but not if u are always thinking about them, or wanting them back.

It'll get better, it may take a year. If you can work it out than forgive him. If you can't you should move on. I know that guys who cheat always cheat.

I hate the feeling, it's horrible.
It will go away. It takes time for some people, for others it goes away quickly.

Just keep reminding yourself that any person who hurts you can't be someone that you can be with.

You need your close friends to help. Close friends know how to make you feel better, because they know if you want to talk about it or if you want to take your mind off of it.

Oh yeah, and go rent a Disney movie- they always cheer me up =P xx

It will go away faster if you want to heal spiritually......Jesus knows all about betrayal, and knows how u feel, and wants to help u....all u have to do is invite him to come into ur heart....may God hold u in the palm of his hand....

No, the hurt and pain doesn't go away.. what it DOES do is matter less to you..especially if you've moved on, if you haven't, consider the fact that youare doing this to yourself by not moving on...put half as much love into being nice to yourself as you are thinking about someone who would do this to you, and you'll find it's easier to get over.

Been there. Things do get better as long as you don't let it eat away at you. Just go day by day.

The simple things in life
It does go away in time and you do move on but I know exactly how you feel. I've been cheated on and abused by several partners in the past. Simply because I am far too kind, caring and trusting for my own good. I never learn and get taken for an idiot.

It will feel better in the end. Chin up.

M xx

I've been there. It still hasn't gone away for me after 14 years.

yes the pain will turn into anger, i know this from my own experince then the anger will turn you away from you caring so much for this person..
you will find somone else to fall in love with ,sometimes love is just around the corner and sometimes if you just look around for a few minutes you will see there is someone else waiting for you.
you will get threw this..i also am at the anger stage right now.
but there is love around the corner waiting..

if the wound is fresh the pain is still there.as time goes by the wound will finally healed and you can only see a scar.be strong and take the courage to move on.Behind the clouds the sun is still shining.memory may always keep coming back but let those bygone days be bygone.the only thing you could do is to treasure those moments when you were together.time will passed.who knows you will find someone who is woth loving than him.a person you could trust.give yourself the second chance to love and be loved.there's no harm in trying...you better take care of yourself it's not the end of the world.you're not the only person whose been cheated by their loved ones.there's someone out there who still cares for you...your family..your friends whom you can still lean on...

its easier to forgive than it is to forget, the pain lessens with time but you will never truely 'forget' as its been done by someone you love

Bridget F
Oh my dear I know how this feels. It's natural to turn to your partner for comfort even when they are the one hurting you, especially if you feel embarrassed by what's happened. Don't be. It's not your fault. Good, kind, clever people sometimes do bad, cruel and stupid things.

You need a friend, mother, sister someone to confide in and give you that hug. Someone who is non-judgemental and caring.

Infidelity is like a bereavement with added rejection thrown in, so it is really tough. But by talking about it you will help the healing. I have been through it and so have many others and you will get over it. The hurt does come back sometimes when I'm feeling low but it can make you work harder at future relationships which is a good thing. I've now been married happily for years to my second husband and we have a much better relationship than I ever had with my first, unfaithful, husband.

Good luck. And have a virtual hug from me!

Crocus Behemoth
No ... next question

Cyborg Farmer
Oh yes it does. Time heals all wounds. Give it few weeks maybe a month and it will all go away. And if you meet someone else don't be afraid of getting involved because you think that they'll cheat on you too. Fear is no way to live.

It hurts like hell. The pain is always intense and because you are used to looking for your loved one to help, it is double the pain. That's why friends are so important. Hug a friend.

death upon you
It will never go away, and you will never be able to trust again. Move on.

Pretti Poodle
It'll go away... You'll get cheated on plenty more times in the future. Live and learn.

Dat Dream Boy
aww yes it will ! as time goes on you slowly heal i might be ruff at first but it something that u can over come

not if you keep dwelling on it. either forgive and forget and move on with your life or seperate but get out of the self pity mode

Its going to take allot of time.Your trust was broken and your emotional connection to this person was stepped on and squashed in the dirt.This alone is enough to make anyone miserable for along time.It will help to talk to friends and family and to be around people during this time.Keep active and try not to think about the past.Remove any old photos that remind you of the person and stay away from mutual friends or places the 2 of you used to visit.All this helps but its still hard sometimes.

I wouldn't want a cheaters arms hugging me, or anywhere around me if I were you. His arms have been hugging someone else......don't bring that second- hand junk in to me!! The pain WILL go away, but it will take a while to happen.

I read this poem in a book and now i think u should here it.
" I keep looking in all the places where u r suppose to be,But i never seem 2 find u and u are all i long 2 see. I just can't seem 2 understand what it was that changed ur mind,All this time i thought i knew you when really i was blind. But know that i donot hate u and u know i never will because i cared about u then and i care about u still. Even though u hurt me i cant seem 2 let u go but i will go on without u and i want 2 make sure u know. It will take some time 2 mend the damage that youve done,But broken hearts do heal thats where strength comes from. For now the tears may be falling and my thoughts keep circling to you, but things will get better IF YOU HAVE HOPE,THEN THEY ALWAYS DO."

I hope u listen 2 what that poems saying because you don't need a man in ur life 2 be happy thats what friends are for

no - its been 4 years for me.

Certain words or phrases still trigger panic attacks and memories. And my hubby has told me (ever since it happened) where his going and what time he will be home and very detailed on everything he does while he is gone.

yes...time is of the essence...you'll wonder what all the fuss was about in a year....have a great new year, dont take a hug off that person....they won't mean it....get hugs from people who love you

Time may heal all, but you'll always have an empty feeling . . . why it happened, was it me, if I did this/that/the other thing differently would we still be together & it not happen.

Yes, time will heal but somethings will rip it wide open again even years from now.

Use it as a learning experience, a growth experience . . .

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