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Anyone have a hard time applying for Air Force OTS?
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Anyone have a hard time applying for Air Force OTS?

I'm trying to get into Officer Training School for the Air Force. I've been at it for about 5 months now, talking to all the recruiters within the three neighboring counties I live in (south florida). I've exhausted all possible new points of contact in my area. The recruiters I speak to all basically tell me they wont help me - they are after basic enlistment recruits, not officers. However, they are the only channel I know through which I can go.

I managed to get one recruiter to email me a copy of the application (from what I can tell it seems to be the right thing) but she is telling me I need to score a 90 on the practice ASVAB test in order to be eligible to even take the AFOQT. Which I don't believe is true.

Has anyone ever heard of needing to take a practice asvab test inorder to take the AFOQT? why wouldn't they just make you take a practice AFOQT instead? makes more sense.. Is there a way I can apply without going through a local recruiter at all? I'd rather just read up on the process and do it myself if possible.


Juan G
You don't need the ASVAB, just the AFOQT. And go to the library and get the study guide. You only have two shots at taking it.

I suggest going to www.airforce.com and chatting with an online advisor or fill out the contact form.

Maybe instead of the enlisted recruiters, you could try the ROTC officers in your area and they could help you get in touch with an officer recruiter. Worth a shot.

My mom had a problem like this with one of my sisters. She called the pentagon, talked to some general and the problem was fixed the next day. High ranks do not want to hear about problems with their lower ranks, they tend to fix them fast to get rid of them. Call and talk to the public affiars people, they will direct you. Be honest, and do not take no for an answer.

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