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Are Women Really Attracted To Military Men?
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Are Women Really Attracted To Military Men?

Is this a real phenomenon, like, are there actually army groupies or is this more legend than fact?


I have always said that there is something about a man in uniform!
There is such a pride I feel when I see a man or woman put on the uniform, and stand tall to attention. I was always most proud when I was there with him, as I safe and knew that he was willing to lay it all on the line for not only me, but for thousands of people whom he has never laid eyes on.
For me it isn't about the money, but the stability and the structure that most of them have. The belief of being able to serve their country was an honor not just a job.
The military truly stand out, and for me, that is why I was attracted to my husband.

I don't know about liking all of them, but when my man puts on his ACUs...he!! yeah I jump him! It's hot!

Yep sure are!

There are many reasons that women are attracted to men. Being attracted to someone in the military could be the same "phenomenon" as being attracted to say, doctors, or rock stars, etc. It would be hard to say why a women would be more attracted to a particular type of man over another. But speaking of military men in particular, I would think maybe it has to do with military men being perceived as honorable, brave, loyal, etc. Which are great qualities in a man in general.

haha good question. my personal experience, i went to college with a bunch of NG guys and when we had formal affairs theyd wear their class As and girls would flock to them, joined the army after my junior year and after i got out of basic and went home the first time and went back to see friends i swear every girl i was friends with came onto me, which extremely pissed off my gf ( whom requests i wear my uniform when im home.) dunno if its the uniform or the characteristics of men in uniform because we stand for everything that is good about this country.

Yes; there are.

Bam Bam
If I wasn't I wouldn't be married to my husband. The biggest turn on is their job and when they are in their uniform. all they have to do is go to work and they are attractive.

but, you gotta find a good one.. cause their are a lot of jackas$es out there in the military.

the shy ones are best.. the ones with manners also.

The joke in the military where the "groupies" are concerned is WATCH OUT! G.I. (in the mind of these girls) stands for Guaranteed income.

They are usually in good physical shape , that was what attracted me to my husband, he had just got out of boot camp and he looked good, that was the physical attraction and the rest was the real man factor, hard working and determined, I don't know if he had these qualities before boot camp but he has kept them all these 25 years we have been married. Oh and he looked great in his dress greens.

I know I sure am. I am married to an Army Officer and our son is one, as well. They look SO HANDSOME in their uniforms, have a lot of self-confidence, are physically fit, don't do drugs, are respectful, and have good prospects.

To the above answerer: I disagree with you about the fat wives....I really haven't seen any more fat military wives than fat teachers' wives, fat mechanics' wives, fat electricians' wives....etc. By the way, I am 5'1 and weigh 105 pounds.

It is fact. there are groupies. Had them party with us in the baracks.........Most of them you wouldn't take home to mom though.

yeah ...lol they are after that paycheck and id card..go to any bar near a base or station or camp...you will see the women..ten kids in tow three ex husbands all military guys..oh yeah...but then you also have the women who knew the man they happened to marry before he went into the military...or the ones who are truly married to him and not his wallet...but there are some "groupies" out there....

If women are so attracted to military men, how come 95% of active duty people have REALLY fat wives. Anyone on active knows what I'm talking about. A LOT of active duty military men have freaking huge wives.

Yes there are military groupies. My ex and I were engaged and living at Fort Hood, TX. Three months after me moving to NY he left me for a 42 year old female, he's 25, who deliberately became pregnant to lock him in. He broke off the engagement with me and within a month they were married. He is now deployed and I recently found out she is cheating on him with another young soldier and my ex has absolutely no idea. It's no longer my problem...otherwise I would have stepped up and told him.

Women are attracted to good looking guys. There is no phenomenon behind that, if a guy couldn't get girls before he put the uniform on, he's not going to get them after he puts it on. And women are going to hang out anywhere or be groupies anywhere there are guys. And they are going to go after/be attracted to the tall handsome ones. It's no different for men either. Men will go after attractive women regardless of job or attire, same as the women. There is no magic behind putting on a uniform and changing how attractive you are, you either are or your not.

Not based on my experience. It's all about physical appearance not your clothes or job. Women are attracted to attractive men in the military. Don't let anyone fool you. If a guy is unattractive out of uniform he won't magically be attractive in uniform.

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