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Are the Amish exempt from the draft?
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Are the Amish exempt from the draft?

I'm talking about the Amish living in America, who are American citizens. During the World Wars and the Vietnam war when there were drafts in affect, were the Amish exempt because of their lifestyle? I don't believe it is fair if they are exempt. All Americans should have to fight for their country if their country needs them to. All male Americans anyway, since I know that women in the military have the choice not to fight in combat.


My grand-father-in-law was a corpsman. He was amish. No.

The Amish did have to register for the draft. But most of them were listed as consciences objectors

Conscientious objectors. If properly registered, yes. You would probably be surprised how many served as corpsman and medics in combat units. Others would serve in non-combat positions.

Individuals who decide they are conscientious objectors AFTER they have volunteered and enlisted...cowards.

they are Conscientious Objecters. and as for the idiot who made the comment about the dual israeli american citizens, anyone who is a citizen of another country is exempt

ha. they farm hundreds of acres of land and dont pay a penny in taxes... im sure that they are favored by the government so it wouldnt suprise me to learn that they dont have the civil duties that the other entirety of the country have. i live in pa, so ill take a drive out to the country and speak with a few about it and ill def. let you know for sure, eh, maybe ill buy some cakes from em when im out!!

The Amish did register but if called were exempt from service on religous grounds...they are pacifists and this belief is core to their life and religon. For someone to be exempt on this basis requires written proof and documentation..you could not claim to be Amish simply to get out of the draft if you did not have the proof you were. If someone who is Amish wishes to enlist, he may and will then have to follow all the same rules as to hair, shaving, etc as anyone else.

Also, women are not given an option about serving in a combat zone. Yes, women have a choice to enlist, but they are not allowed in combat, as pilots of fighter jets or in subs.

The Amish are exempt on Religious Concientious Objector Grounds.

The Quakers on the other hand are granted Medic positions and do join/get drafted. They are Concientious Objectors too, but choose to serve in ways befitting their religion.

The Amish by their religion are not suitable in medic Roles (8th Grade Education) no technology at all either. Their value is extremely limited so they get a bye.

Note to an answerer: There are NO dual citizenship Israelis. You are an antisemetic bigot Dude

Read through all the answers and you folks don't know an Amish from a Quaker from a Menonite.

Ret. USAF SNCO, grew up in Amish country, Cousin's are Menonite, and served with Quakers

3rd parties for REAL CHANGE
Compulsory military service is a great idea, however many people hide behind religious expression to evade military service.

I would say yes because they are probably Conscientious objectors, that's just my guess , but you never know , they may have some Amish that are killing machine or maybe Chaplains which would make more sense their all about peace and love, but again if they go to one of America's hotspots oversea, they may change their minds for self defense, but what do I know.

John R
here we have Hutterites which is also a religious order however the are members who have served in the military. If anne was to check we did lose a female pilot who was flying an F14 off an aircraft carrier and we also have lost female helo pilots
while they may not be required to serve many do and i think the USMC c apt would agree with me that being with the marines as a corpsman is a very high risk job

In answer to your question, no, they are not exempt. I cannot answer how they deal with that issue. My question is, why is everyone worried about a draft? It isn't even a rumour that it is being thought about. All branches of the military are meeting their recruiting goals, and then some. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it! Stop worring about what 'might maybe happen someday,' and try living for today. What have you done lately for your country?

open thoughts
I am not sure if they are exempt. I do not believe that they are.

However, a better question would be do you want to be in a foxhole next to an Amish man? I would not have wanted to be fighting beside one. No offense to the Amish, but their secluded life keeps them naive, and their passive nature....I do not think so. Strong as an ox, but not what I would call soldier material.


Vicki...What a witch. I have some very good Amish friends from when I lived in PA. Great people....not who I would want to fight next to, but great people.

I beleive their religion makes them a conciencious objector. That gets them out of drafts...

Constitutionally they should be exempt. Freedom of religion. But I don't suppose that should make any difference, since the US Constitution is effectively nothing more than a piece of paper. That being the reality that it is, the necessary war will not be fought by the US military if it is ever fought. I will fight to the death for my freedom, as there hasn't been a war that fought for my freedom in my lifetime or very likely the foreseeable future...
Everyone should fight for their country and their freedom, not necessarily their government.

ALL proven conscientious objectors were exempt from the draft.

Don't be an idiot. If you think it's so great, why aren't you in uniform on the the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Frank R
In WWII are you telling me that you never heard of the 112th, the Famous Fighting Amo's ?

They had a slogan "Talk to the hand, cause the beard ain't listening"

Hell, who do you think repaired most of the barns in France?

I'm not sure on the draft, but they've definitely exempted themselves from bathing

Dillon Rey
They was put into the draft as well they do not get special treatment but they would not go to war because of them being conciencious objector and they were apart of a chruch which there chruchs are based to be a national chruch which was weird because sergreant yorks chruch was no different then there just different beliefs.

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