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Are there U.S soldiers in Korea?
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Are there U.S soldiers in Korea?

Are there U.S soldiers in Korea? If yes, what are they doing there?


(=Future Soldier=)
my friends brother has been stationed in south korea since january.

yes, we have two military bases in SOUTH Korea, not NORTH Korea. South Korea is our Allies and after the Korean war, we have an aggreement with the Sounth Korean government to provide military support against the still aggressive North Korea.

Yes...we have about 28,000 troops there from all services and for "dulcrayon", they are not there totally at our expense. The Korean government foots a large portion of the bill for us being there. In fact, nearly 33% of the DoD's salaries are paid by the Korean government as well as all buildings that were not paid for by AAFES or MWR as well as maintaining infrastructure on all the bases. We pay utilities and contents. I know because I was SORTS monitor there and know where all the money comes from to support us there. Also, to the ranger, there are more than 2 bases. The biggest are Yongsan, Osan, Camp Humphries, and Kunsan. There is also Chinahae (navy), Camp Walker, Camp Eagle, Camp Howze and Camp Casey. Camp Bonifas is where our troops are that are right on the DMZ. There are some more smaller posts, but we are all over South Korea. You ever wonder why the Koreans there act like those bases are theirs? It's because they paid for them; not us. We are guests in their country to act like a smoke detector for the North Koreans. We have been there since 1945 (before the war) and will be there until the South Koreans tell us to leave.

Yes, Definitely. There are TONS of soldiers in Korea, including my husband. :)

In South Korea (Republic of Korea). The Korean War has not officially ended--there is only a "temporary" cease-fire (that has lasted over 50 years), but no peace treaty (yet). The U.S. Servicemembers are there as guests of the Korean government. If the Korean government wanted us out, then we'd have to leave. As long as there are still people around that remember the Korean War, I doubt that the US Servicemembers will be asked to leave. When all those people die out, and the only people left are the ones who remember only the post-war economic booms, then, who knows...

I've been stationed twice in Korea...and if my son was not autistic and could be medically cleared to go, I would have gotten a command sponsorship and brought my family and stayed until they told us we could no longer extend.

,about 37,500. They are there to act as a deterrent to North Korea invading south Korea. Remember, the Korean War never really ended. An armistice was agreed upon, but this war, oficially, never ended.

Captain Falcon
Yeah mostly by the DMZ, were keeping guard in case North Korea goes apesh*t again and tries to invade the south. Since we technically had a peace treaty with them so its just been a really long cease fire.

yes there are still stationed there since the korean war to help maintain stability between the south and the north. btw the north is retarded :)

Jason M
yes we are. From the DMZ to the bottom of the country. Technically the North and South are still at war with one another. There was a cease fire signed but there was never a peace treaty to stop the war. Our country made a commitment to help out an ally and help provide a deterrent to the North coming back down through.

South Korea only. They protect the DMZ. Manning lookout towers and watching minefields. They have been there since the 50's to help protect south korea and our interests in the area.

about 20,000 troops i think they reduced it some now

*my bad its around 35,000 troops


i heard there was

Here is the answer broken down by forces.

Yes, there are U.S soldiers in South Korea trying to contain the communist regime in North Korea.

There - Take That
Yes, there are soldiers in S. Korea. My nephew was there for 18 months.

Of course.

They are doing there what they would do here. Train, live, travel, train some more and work.

Only in South Korea

U.S. soldiers are in Korea to give support to the South Koreans from the NORTH KOREAN LOW LIFE SCUM who want to take over South Korea and enslave them, just like they have the North Korean people.

There is roughly 25,000 American troops in South Korea. Though they are meant to help "defend" South Korea from a possible North Korean invasion, that's actually not the real purpose. The REAL purpose of the US having troops in South Korea is so once American soldiers are attacked by the North Koreans, the US will be dragged into the war.

There has been speculation that there is Special Operations Forces whether American or not??? in country. There is most likely Agency Spooks there doing some "work" and other allied Intel agencies, there is people everywhere it wouldnt suprise me.

Yea there are joint American + South Korean forces watching the DMZ, trying to make sure North Korea does not try to invade South Korea any time soon, which would be bad for obvious reasons.

Yes, there are US soldiers in South Korea. What are they doing there? Generally, in my experience watching them, they're getting drunk and causing trouble.

This link below, while old, sums up the situation and the feelings of the South Koreans towards Americans, and it isn't helped by the fact the South Koreans have to pay the majority of the costs (~75% IIRC) of having the Americans there. http://www.kimsoft.com/korea/us-army.htm

There are Thousands of them...
We (UN) and the South are still at War
with the North...
There was just a Truce signed...
There was NO Armistice signed so
the War still goes on...

there are many things you do not know of coarse they are military there. they are protecting us. they are in south korea and we have several bases there and when the stupid north does something stupid we are on it alerts and the entire 9 yards. its very sad but we have to be there and they are always talking about nuclear and they are nuts so that is why we have to waitch them. where have you been that you dont' know this? we have alot of scret stuff there.

Mrs G
Yes, tons. They are stepping up troops and family members over the next few years.

What they do depends on their MOS and where they are stationed.

I am here and will be here for the next 2 years.

Jack B

yes, in South Korea-since 1952-good question. protecting South Korea from North Korea-AT OUR EXPENSE!! I think if they want our protection, then they should foot the bill, not us.

Jimmy Krumpets
I think that there might be a few stationed on the DMZ watching the border but i could be wrong.

happy camper
there are in southern off the coast for in case north does anything to upset the border just there for back-up

There are U.S. soldiers all over the world. After all, we are in control of the world.

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