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Can I Serve in the Military if I Have a Lazy/Wandering Eye?
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Can I Serve in the Military if I Have a Lazy/Wandering Eye?

My right eye has wandered since birth and I have to wear glasses. Does this disqualify me from serving in the U.S. military?


Amblyopia (lazy eye) is not disqualifying. Diplopia (double vision) is. You say you wear glasses. So, here are the corrected vision standards. Anything worse is disqualifying:
20/20 in the better eye. 20/400 in the other.
20/30 in the better eye. 20/100 in the other.
20/40 in the better eye. 20/70 in the other.

I have lazy wandering hands and they took me!....lol

Its okay if you are planning to join army ! but, impossible for airforce.

Absolutely! They need all the men they can get nowadays. They even changed their rules to accept convicted felons and people with tattoos!!!

Rex K
If you are sincere..I think they will let you serve..I served..& wore glasses..

Yes. But check with them ect if u can.

you have to pass a physical,,,and may need a waver for the eye problem,,,but many in the milatary wear glasses,,,you will not be able to be a pilot or fly though

Sure. Just dont expect the enemies to consider it

Navy Sailor - GAI
No. As long as it doesn't cause other problems. I have/had the same problem. I just had my second surgery to fix it this past week. Enlist in the Navy and get stationed in VA somewhere and you can get yours fixed to by the specialist at Portsmouth Naval Hospital. That alone is worth a Navy enlistment! Both of my eye are 100% normal now with no movement like before.

There are physical requirements and some regard eyesight.
Amblyopia (lazy eye) is not considered to be disqualifying. Diplopia (double vision) is.

You could get a job as infantry, however, cannot operate machinery, or have any sort or long shooting range type position.

Re vision: Your vision could be now worse than 20/200 or maybe even 20/400 as long as it was correctable with glasses down to 20/40 I believe.

The vision standards are much more strict for flying personnel.

Then when you take your physical ask what your vision was both uncorrected and with glasses. Also most important, GET IT IN WRITING. Recruiters are notorious for promising you everything

ryan b
If you dont mind drill sergeants making fun of you :p
but yah you can still join, there was a sergeant in my battalion with a wandering eye and he was a e-7.

no. they are in desperate need of troops.

every phone book probably lists armed forces recruiter phone numbers, you can probably also google " *branch of service* recruiter phone number zip code" to find a phone number to ask the experts.

ie google "us navy recruiter {zipcode} phone number"
or google "us navy recruiter {city state} phone number"

keep on truckin
yeah i am sure you can but might just be a bullet sponge for the army or something. They will give you a m 16 and throw you up front.

No problem, I have several soldiers and officers in my unit with this affliction.

Randi F
You can def serve. As long as it doesn't affect you so bad you can't see, you're fine.

i think i have Amblyopia. well describing my vision its my left eye being so blurred out that i cant even read with it.... no matter the distance... and glasses and contact lenses dont fix it at all... i want to Join the US Navy this year.... will this effect me in joining? im focused to only see with my right eye.... unless i cover it up and look with my super blurry left eye....

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