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Can a US Citizen join Another countries military? [SAS]?
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Can a US Citizen join Another countries military? [SAS]?


I wanted to think about joining the SAS.

Is it possible as an american citizen?


! want u
u have to become a citizen of that country first then u can join other wise no way bro.
g00d luck

Yak Rider
Nobody joins the SAS. If you are in the British Army, and you're good enough, they invite you to try out.

You cannot join the British Army, you are not British.

Eric S
I'm pretty sure joining another country's Army is illegal, you can also lose your U.S. citizenship and maybe get charged with treason.

No. Goto UK and become citizen there if your so wiling to be a SAS.
Or..you can goto the Navy and go in SEALS which are just as good as SAS.

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