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Can a nuclear bomb destroy a city?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can a nuclear bomb destroy a city?

And if you had one where would you drop it?


Screw a nuclear bomb Id want a Nuetron Bomb. It blows up with only 1/10th the size of a conventional nuke but it lets out huge amounts of radiation that kills all living things within a mile or 2 & all the radioactive fallout only last up 48 hours than its clear. If you were to detonate in over the city it would do nearly not damage & you would have a whole city to yourselfs after 48 hours. Well it would be full of dead bodies. Also anyone on the outskirts would still get enough radiation that it would kill them but in a odd way. They get hardcore sick but after a bit they would get completely better for a short time (2hours to 2 weeks) & then painfully die for nealry ten days. Its called "walking ghost phase." You seem fine but you enevitably die.
Messed up bomb huh? I think of it as the capatolist bomb. It kills all the people but leaves their stuff.

John O
You're an idiot.

zac mcpherson
yes it could and if i could it would be ur house

Yes. And I'd drop it at the city you live in.

yes and not only a city but it can also destroy a country if that nuclear bomb is strong...

A1C Bunte
Wow... seriously?
Just in case you ARE serious, yes it can destroy a city.
Change that.
WILL destroy a city.

A nuclear bomb can plummet half the universe.

I'd drop that bomb on you for asking a question like that lol

Depends on the size of the city.

One nuclear bomb, would not destory a city like, LA or NYC.

It would make it unliveable.

But it wouldn't kill everyone in the city.

Even the large mega ton nuclear weapons wouldn't.

They found that most of the blast, goes upward on the large mega ton nukes.

Thats why they targeted, several smaller 140 kt nukes at each city.

3 140 kt nukes, do more damage than a single 50mt nuke would do.

Ken B
Ask Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

NAGASAKI & HIROSHIMA ring any bells??

Dumb and Dumber questions turning up here of late!!

Hmmm...Let's think. What happened around the end of WWII?

google hiroshima & nagasaki....

Only if it lands in the general area of the city.

And I think that second question is a trap. Are you the FBI? What I do with my weaponry ain't none of yo' business; and if you don't bring me that goose or turkey for Christmas, you will see me again.

hell yeah. it might even destroy not only one, but 2 cities, or more!

yes it can , and Greenland not that i ever would

Laura B
um yeah - look it up bozo
and it screws the whole place up for the next 20000000 years or so.
would drop it in ocean but so didnt blow up and kill all the fish, or keep incase of giant asteroid going to destroy planet
or even better round up terrorists and warmongers and drop it on them

Well....it really depends what you mean. Could it level a whole city? Probably not, unless it was a very small city. The most powerful nuclear bomb probably has a destructive radius of about 3 miles, destructive as in has the power to level buildings. Of course the radiation that occurs afterwords could probably almost double that radius. So to answer your question, no it probably couldn't level a WHOLE city, but it could most definitely destroy the population of a city by combination of the direct blast and radiation sickness.

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