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Can i become a geo bachelor if my husband moves back home?
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Can i become a geo bachelor if my husband moves back home?

if my husband moves back home from my current duty station can i become a geo bachelor. i can live on the ship for about the next 4 months but then it is going to the yards. is this possible?


it is frowned upon. The Navy doesn't permit it any more..and if they stick all the singles in Barracks you could NOT live in the barracks and still collect BAH. and if they do a Berthing Barge well there may or may not be room for you.

also NO family sep is authorized.

No, Geo bachelor is a specific personal rating

When you are assigned to a duty station where your spouse cannot join you.

Then you are authorized government quarters and BAH for your spouse at your spouses location at the same time.

If your spouse is allowed to join you, then by definition, you cannot be a geo bachelor.

So you will be paid BASH based on your assigned base, not where your spouse lives.

And you are not eligible for government quarters, although you command may allow you to live in the barracks if there is room.

But your command does not have to allow you to live in the barracks.

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