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Can i join the military and go to college at the same time?
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Can i join the military and go to college at the same time?


Jennifer S
Yes, you join the ROTC and will be going to college and after you graduate will join the military as an officer. Or you can go enlisted and try to go to school during your off duty hours.

You can join the military and start college classes after you've had boot camp and your schooling. It takes a lot longer to get a degree because of deployments. Sometimes, they offer classes while deployed, but usually not very often and there are internet classes, but when you're deployed, there are so many problems you can run into with finding an internet and having a good connection.

On most bases, there are colleges that offer night classes. My husband's been stationed on two bases now and takes night classes three nights a week (after work hours) and is slowly finishing up his bachelor's degree. I think it will have taken him about 6 years while being active duty with 3 deployments... instead of the typical 4 years.

Also, you can get some military credits for classes you take for your military training/education.

You've got to have motivation to keep on going because it is tough to do both, but do able if you have patience.

You can take college courses but you cannot attend the classes during your military work hours which are, of course, the same as a normal work day.
Most of the guys I was in with that went took college courses went after hours (at night and on the weekend).

Right now, serving active duty (enlisted) and going to college simultaneously is pretty difficult. There are correspondence courses and night/weekend classes (the latter if you're not deployed), and the services will usually try to help you. Services do have programs that release you from active duty to go to college and commission, but they're selective and most (all?) require some TIS.
ECPs in US Military:
Air Force: ASCP, POC-ERP, SOAR. Navy: STA-21, MECP, etc. Army: G2G and SMP. Marines: MECEP. etc.

Alternatively, you can enlist in the Reserves or National Guard (AF and Army). You'll deploy, maybe a lot, but when you're not deployed or preparing, it's only 1 weekend/month and 2 weeks/year.
Another alternative is to join ROTC in college and commission as an officer when you're done. You can serve in the Reserves/NG simultaneously (usually); the Army's SMP program is for just that.

Air Force Wife
the best situation would be if you could take online classes. but your likely hood of sitting in a college classroom are slim to none

Merchant of Death
Right now? No.

You will be deployed, especially in the Marines or Army. There's no such thing as reservists right now and I've heard that reservists have been deployed more than active duty. When you think about it it makes sense.

Active duty stationed at overseas bases or the US are needed where they are and if you take them away from their locations, someone else has to fill in anyway. Better off sending the reserves. My uncle who is a reservist has been on multiple tours.

I am pursuing my b.tech3rd year in ece. I am intrested in joining in army as a officer before joining which courses i should take.And while doing army job i can do m.tech for further studies.hope u will send me the answer .

LaChon Avery
I'm enrolled in online college classes and I'm trying to get into the navy. Is that a bad idea? Do I have to drop out? Can I continue to take these classes once I get in the navy?

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