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Can i stay with my boyfriend in the barracks...
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Can i stay with my boyfriend in the barracks...

(in the marines) can i visit/stay in the barracks with him when he gets stationed somewhere?
if no, do girls do it anyway?
and if i get a hotel room can he just stay in it with me rather than the barracks?
(im thinking to far ahead.lol.but just curious.
thanks! :)


If it's BEQ (Bachelors' Enlisted Quarters), there isn't really enough room for you and all the other guys that live in there. BOQ (officers') might be different, but I don't know.

As long as he makes required musters, they don't care where he sleeps, unless he's working on something Top Secret.

no to the barracks, yes to the hotel room. If you want to be a show for a lot of people you could try and stay with him in the barracks, but seeing as it is restricted and he could receive disciplinary action stick with the hotel.

No you won't be able to stay in the barracks with him. I'm sure some people try to do this but eventually they get caught and guess who gets in trouble? Your marine! If you are there to visit then I'm sure he'll be able to stay in the hotel with you. BTW most military bases have a "hotel" on them for family and friends of soldiers visiting them.

You dont suppose to! They have TEQ's on base he can purchase for not even 20 bucks a night for you and he can stay with you there. I stayed with my husband one night in his barracks room but his roommate was on leave. I would just recommend you staying in the teq where he dont get in trouble and you dont bother his roommate.

No, you can't. Sorry.


Timxdina N
No...if you get married you can stay in military housing

No you can't stay over night. You can visit him, though there are restrictions on time. Yes girls do stay sometimes but at the risk of getting the soldier in trouble. And yes he can stay in a hotel with you as long as he isn't in training.

No, not at all.

Just Me Here in Hawaii
When he gets stationed, you may visit him at the barracks (if you are over age of 18) --- He will have to sign you in with the Duty NCO at the barracks and you MUST be out of the barracks before 10 pm and cannot be there any earlier than 6 or 8 am depending on the station

Girls must follow the regulations because their boyfriends will be the one paying the price for their selfishness.

You can get a hotel room and depending on his command, they may or may not let him have special libo to stay with you

The Marine Corp does not play around and they run your life --- don't get mad at your boyfriend when he says you have to get out --- remember when you are at the barracks try to be respectable and watch what you say and to who --- you never know when you say something (innocently) may get him in trouble later (or sometimes they scream at him in front of you, which is worse)

Keep the Drama off the base

If you want to be together the best way is to get married and get military base housing, if you are ready for that step.

When hes off duty you and him can do whatever the hell you want in those barracks as long as its not illegal. Being in the Air Force I know of a lot of people that moved their girlfriends in even though they weren't allowed to do that. You can visit as much as you like, but if they find out your living their he will get in trouble because they consider it ripping off uncle Sam. Now if you and him decide to marry he can get a nice place off base that the military will pay, but keep in mind if you don't marry he won't get his own place for at least 3 years well thats how it is in the Air Force anyways.
As far as him visiting you he can do that anytime he wants once hes done for the day at work. Most jobs in the military are anywhere from 6-5 p.m, except for when he trains for war, but most days his days end no later than 5 unless he has a job that requires him to be on call.
So even though he is governments property 24/7 the work shifts are set up just like any regular job.
Another thing I forgot to mention is it really isn't smart for you to move in with him because most dorms have room inspections every week and thats how some people got caught.

Patricia H
Okay, I would strongly advise against doing this....
One, it's kinda nasty anyway (people will talk about you - "Barracks Rat" "Barracks Tramp" and other awful names no-one wants to be called).
Two, having disregarded my own number one rule years ago when I was younger....I stayed with my then boyfriend in his room one night when he was on Quarters (not allowed to leave his room due to being sick) and his First Sergeant did a surprise "Heallth and Welfare Inspection" at about 3AM... Long story short - overnight guests were not allowed and amidst other issues he was kicked out of the Army with this incident being his final straw.... I married him, but he held this incident over my head for years (no longer married...).
If you go for a visit, he can stay with you in the hotel (for a short time, he will not be allowed to move out). Unless there are certain rules against this where he gets stationed... He would have to speak with his supervisor just to make sure of this one.
Hope I was helpful!!!

No... its not allowed and if you need to live together get an apartment or get married and get in to military housing.

No you can't

Yes a lot of girls will do it still, but don't get caught cause they don't care who you are...

If you get a hotel room he could stay with you yes, as long as he doesn't get in trouble and get locked down to the barracks, or have guard duty...

Army Wife
there are girls who will stay with their boyfriends in the barracks..i stayed some nights on the weekend with mine before we were married. i dont think that you can do it at all during the week. they could do room checks and stuff and you dont want to get him in trouble by being there so i would say the hotel is the safest way to go..but you can go in the barracks and hang out with him. yes he would be able to stay in a hotel with you he would just have to make sure it was ok with whoever is in charge first. im army but i think it runs the same way.

Only if you bring enough for everyone.

you probably can't visit him until he;s out of boot camp.

They do not put saltpeter in military food so they can get distracted by the temptations inherent in that situation.
And they also are not going to put you alone in a room with a bunch of Marines, because they would probably molest you.
Marine's want power over others. That is the same mindset as that of a rapist.
That is the reason NAVSPECWAR will always be superior to the Marine's.


ummm duh
the girl just wanted to know if she could stay at the barracks and numerous people suggest that she get married... there is something wrong with the military where the answer to every speed bump you hit is to get married... no wonder why the marriage/divorce rate is so high.

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