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Can my husband go to school while active duty in the AIR FORCE?
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Can my husband go to school while active duty in the AIR FORCE?

my husband just joined the air force his boot camp day is september 1, 2009. and we want to know that when he is done with all the preparation things and we get assigned to a base and a job if he can still go to school to work on his Bachelors Degree. and can i still go to school too.
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we know they pay for it but is it hard to work and go to school or you just cant go to school and work because its too much.


Your husband will definitely be able to go to school. The Air Force actually encourages it. It will look good on performance reports if your husband spends his free time bettering himself.

As soon as he finishes his CDC's he will be able to start taking classes. Classes are paid for by the Air Force, up to $4500 per year. Some classes they will even buy the books for you. If there is any flexibility in the schedule they will try to accommodate your husband when he is trying to take classes. I was able to get my shift changed several times in order to take classes.

If he does well enough in school, he should look into apply for a scholarship funded by the Air Force.

The best one is the AECP program. It pays enlisted members full pay to go to college and become an officer.

Here is a link about the basics for different scholarships:


Yes, your husband can certainly go to school, and the military will even pay for part of it. But don't expect them to let him take off work early to do so. My father was on active duty and he was able to work and receive a doctorates from Johns Hopkins. It takes long nights and a lot of work to do so though.

You can do whatever you want to.

Your husband can take class's in his off duty hours.

generally you can take no more than two class's at a time, it is just to much time otherwise.

he will be allowed to start taking class's about 6 months after he gets to his first duty assignment.

He has to finish his 5 level upgrade training first.

Your not done with school after you graduate Tech School

You then have to complete CDC's Career development courses and your OJT on the job training. Thats takes from 6 months to a year.

The military will not help you go to school that is all on your own time and money. you can use the base college office for information on grants and scholarship you can apply for. You are usually able to use the colleges that are offered on base as well.

For his education it will depend on his work schedule. He cannot usually go when he first reports because of everything necessary for the job, hours, etc...His work can be very difficult with long hours depending on what he is doing. He can use the Tuition Assistance to go to college it is limited to $4500 per fiscal year or 16 credit hours. He can maybe take 1 class a semester but not always. Anything beyond the TA you pay for yourselves.

1) Yes, you can go to schoo while in the AF
2) It is all time management. I juggled it all and will be completing my degree in a month.
3) Since he will be an E-1,2, or 3, He many have to complete his upgrade training before going to school. It all depends on his unit and leadership there.

4) I would suggest you two go overseas. The AF has a program where spouses can get tuition assistance. Hawaii would be good due to many American college choices.

Sho Y
From what I understand at least in the USMC you can get your BA degree while on active duty for free. Since the USAF is well funded I think its safe to presume the same.

that will depend ENTIRELY on his Job, OPTEMPO, command support and his own ability to juggle many things at once.

is it doable.. yes. is it easy. NO.

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