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Can my sister come and live on base with me even though she's not a dependent? Military...?
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Can my sister come and live on base with me even though she's not a dependent? Military...?

We are stationed in Hawaii. We currently live on-base. Not Schofield Barracks but a military reservation. There is a guard gate but I have yet to see any security at it. But it still is considered on-post. My husband is getting deployed in August. I have a 3 year old son as well. We know Absolutely no one here. My 22 year old sister wants to move here and go to school at the University of Hawaii.

My question mainly is what are the rules and requirements for her living if at all possible in our house while he is gone. I know u have to report guests to the community center and get approval if they are planning on staying over 30 days.

And that you need a written request for reasons that would allow her to live here. If we lived off post i know it would be different. But we have a year lease here. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all.


One of the requirements to be a dependent-
Any parent or other person(s) who is/are, in fact, dependent on the applicant for more than one-half of their support.

If you can prove that you are golden.
The person who said you may not be able to live in housing while your husband is deployed has NO clue what they are talking about. Yes you stay in housing if you choose.

If you choose to bring her before she would be considered a dependent or without housing approval I sould strongly caution you. Yes some places don't check, but some do. If 1 neighbor complains, they will check. You could be kicked out. Just a word of warning.

It is military housing so only dependents are allowed. As she is 22 and not in your custody she cannot be a dependent. She can stay for up to 30 days but then must leave. talk to the housing office about it, you might be able to have her added in as temp help for you while he is deployed but no guarantees.

Kojak is giving bad info...completely bad advice for you

I'm actually more concerned about how she's going to get on and off base. Don't count on that gate being "unmanned" later on.

candy g
30 day rule is put in place for just these reasons............ you can ask for a waiver but know this, it will go to your husbands commander and you husband will be quizzed over it [at least that how they do this in the navy] was a great get out clause for certain people in my husbands family that felt they should be living with us on base!!!

that is up to the people running housing. you must get permission from them to have her there for more than 30 days.

of course she would have ZERO access to the base or any of its facilities unless you escorted her. and not eligible for TRICARE or anything like that.

No. She has to be a dependent. Those are the rules. Unless her parents die and she has no where else to go, then yes.

Tamara C
You can only declare a parent a dependant if you support over half of their finances. It is a long drawn out process with a lot of factual information needing to be provided.

Don't listen to Kojak, you can't just declare your sister a dependant, it's not that easy.

I would say with a child they may provide you a waiver to the thirty day policy. If they don't, who cares, no one will ever know.


You are going to have to ask housing. They will probably not have a problem with it.

all depends on houseing. Where we live its only dependants BUT people sneak in room mates and family memebers all the time. the first year we were in military housing ( right next door to the office) we had a room mate. and now we are in different ones ( waited to get some with A/C haha) we have my husbands family living with us ( i hate it lol) but they dont know they live here. As long as she isnt causing trouble in the neighborhood they usually ignore it and act like they dont know.

Also with your husband deploying and you having a child if you go talk to your office people and let them know that she wants to come stay with you until he returns they will probably approve it. They dont want familys alone or unsafe during deployments.

OH !!! and YES you can add her as a dependant !!! It may take a while though. My husband is adding his mom and sister as his dependents. He put the paper work in about 9 mo ago and we are still waiting ( thats why we dont tell military housing they live with us untill we get the paperwork back)

So yes even though she is 22 she can be claimed as his dependent.

Your husband can have his mother declared his dependent..... so I see no reason he could not have your sister declared his dependent especially if she is living under your roof

QUESTION: Will you be allowed to stay on post after your husbands deployment?.....

Have your husband talk to the personnel clerk about having your sister declared a dependent......you can also possibly use her on your taxes

EDIT....Sure got a lot of criticism.....Some posts allow dependents to remain in quarters.....some do not......depends on if it is a unit deployment or and individual deployment.....A legitimate question in that you did not provide that information

As to getting your sister declared your dependent.....only said it was worth a try.... that is why I suggested he talk to the personnel clerk.....and yes.....you must provide over 50% of your mothers support for her to be your dependent also...... never said otherwise..... I see nothing I have said that warrants all this vitriolic response.....talk to the personnel clerk.....worth a shot .....plus you both can support each other emotionally while your husband is gone..... Thank him for his service

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