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Can my wife and i join the us army together?
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Can my wife and i join the us army together?

we are thinking about joining but im not sure what the life would be like for us... would we have to spent a lot of time apart? i havnt talked to a recruiter yet but just wanted some sugestion first.


if you have children, no. one of you would have to go Reserves.

if there are no children, there are zero guarantees. one you will most likely NOT be training together. and they can never promise you will be stationed together. co location is defined as being within 50 miles.

Laura B
Sure...and I believe right now they have a program to where one of you will get $2000 after the other one signs up. The military does try to keep spouses together it's called "join spouse" and they try to keep you if not at the same place...within a close distance. It all depends on the jobs that you go into and which Post has openings for the jobs. There are TONS and TONS of dual military couples. You will spend time apart, that is a given...how much time will all depend on what Job you pick. To be honest, if you want to spend minimal time away from each other. I would recommend the Air Force, they are much more family oriented... I've lived both Army and Air Force life (living with Army made me join the AF). I've always been married in the Air Force with an Air Force spouse...it's been great and we've had minimal time away from each other and we've never been stationed at different places, always have been living together. If you want to talk more about it let me know. I'm not a recruiter, I've just lived the life.

If you join the Navy - I can't speak for the Army

Detailers will do their VERY best to place you in the same geographic area. But you will never be in the same command.

BUT, with 6-7 month deployments on sea duty every 1.5-2 years, you may not see much of each other. You will also be required to complete a family action plan, basically what you're going to do to care for your children if neither of you are around. In 4-5 years on a TYPICAL rotation, you'll both go to shore duty and again, the detailers will try to place you in the same area.

Be prepared to spend lots of time apart.

I just want to add 1 thing to Laura's answer, because I think her answer is best.

If you 2 have children you both cannot join as active. At least not to join initially at the same time. 1 of you would have to go Guard. In which case that person would request a transfer to a unit close to the active 1.

The military can be completely unpredictable when it comes to where you will be stationed. Dream sheets are just that, dreams. Unless you request to go where the wars are, which you will probably end up going to anyway.

My wife and I were in the Army together, they do try and keep you together as long as it's possible. When my wife re-classed and went to school they changed my orders to go with her. When we left Korea we had separate orders to begin with and without either of us doing anything they changed mine to follow her to Ft. Hood. I believe it's called the Married Army Couples Program, they do what they can to accommodate and for the most part it's successful. Just make sure that you're enrolled in the program from the start. I've known plenty of other married couples that didn't get split up except for deployments.

Just be prepared to be separated a lot for short periods of time for various reasons, a month here, a couple weeks there, etc. Believe it or not family is important to the Army, but sometimes it comes down to the needs of the Army.

Laura's right. If you want to be together join the Air Force. I spent 20 years in the AF and met my husband and got married we were together 16 years before we retired from the AF and out of that time only spent 6 months apart. I wouldn't count on going through basic and tech school together. You probably could if you get the same job. But don't do that. It would lessen your chances of being stationed together. Try to pick a job that they have everywhere.

Ray M
Honestly, not sure if a recruiter is the best person to talk to. Some of them are a little less than honest about realities. My father was in the army for his life career and always got upset about situations where a recruiter didn't give the full information.

I'd try to call some sort of offically army office and talk to someone to get the correct information. I've known couples that were both military, but I dont' think the army is bound to have you both in the same location. heck, with Iraq and Afghanistan going on right now, you could both end up in the zones, but in different spots. They definately wouldn't put you in the exact same squad or whatever. They wouldn't want any chance of a situation arising.

Yes you can join together with the Army, they have to keep you at least 100 miles or closer... Umm like if you join the Army and she joins the Army National Guard you would be stationed at like Ft Stewart, GA cause its a Army and Army National Guard Fort...

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