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Can someone still get out of the Army during or after AIT, or are they already IN and HAVE to serve?
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Can someone still get out of the Army during or after AIT, or are they already IN and HAVE to serve?

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One person said it was possible during Basic Training and during AIT, everyone else said it was very hard to get out. Is there a point during AIT that you take an oath, and after that you are in?


Actually during AIT I've seen it done. Getting chapter through a Unable to Adapt or some such. However afterward your looking at something that isn't worth the hassle.

yes you can get out during AIT ( and Basic ) infact it is easier to get out DURING your AIT and BCT than after.

You have to serve. You have no choice or you could be arrested since it's illegal in the U.S. The only way you can get out if through a medical leave or if you have some sort of mental illness.

A couple ways, one would out would be to either become a disciplinary problem and get kicked out. Which will end any chance of a government job or a job that requires background checks.

The other is to get fat and get kicked out for being overweight. It takes a long time and you have to be ready to do a lot of additional forced PT.

The best way is to serve out your contract and leave honorable.

Navy Sailor - GAI
You are and adult now. You took and oath and YES you ARE in and YES you are STAYING in.

They have to serve once being sworn in which comes before AIT- they can get out after the time they signed up for though- which was probably 5 years.

There are ways out, but any would stick with you for life. The only safe way out is to serve the time.

it is EXTREMELY difficult to get out once you step foot at Basic training the first day. once they have started spending money and time on you at AIT, it is even harder.

you signed a contract, you owe them the minimum commitment.

You are in and have to serve, unless you have a valid reason for getting out, such as physical or mental illness.

yes,you can have back problems or knee or any unprovable phy. disorders. back works really well. i spent many years in the millitay and i understand how things are.

Yup your in, you have right up to the part when you get sworn it, after that you are government property.

God Bless Our GI's

Love Ya

After the soldier in question is sworn in, they are pretty much in. It's an 8 year contract, whatever time active with the remainder inactive. The only other ways out I know are medical and Leavenworth( jail).

You're in from the moment you enter active duty.

Once you sign on that bottom line you're for the duration you signed for. There's no other way out unless you get a medical discharge or some such.

Mean what you say, say what you mean.

Responsibility for ones own actions.

Thank you for your service to the nation you will not regret it.

Nope you are in

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