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Can you join the army if your 18 but still in high school?
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Can you join the army if your 18 but still in high school?


Yes and with parents permission 17

Sly Snake
Yes,I joined when I was 17.

Yes you can its a program they have you do.

You can join when you're 17 and still in school. they dont care, they'll take anyone...

sure you can.

Matthew D
Yes You will be placed in DEP until you graduate.

Jesse W
ya but it's not a very smart choice you will be in iraq right after graduation

I dont think you can because i think they make you finish school and then you can oin.

Kelz -x
yes. www.jointhearmy.com

Jamie J
Yes you can. Actually there are a lot of Juniors who go through their basic training during their summer vacation and then continue their Advanced Individual Training (AIT) after they graduate. It's called "split option", you can ask your recruiter to give you more information but it's certainly possible and probably easier for you because you are legal and don't need your parent's signature.

I had several friends join at 17 during the summer between junior and senior year. They took Basic training during the summer and then after graduation they went full time soldier.




Yes, you can. It's called the Delayed Enlistment Program and you can go in after you have graduated. And the great thing is that you'll be defending Beamer's right to write her BS.

yes you can do basic in the summer. Delayed entry program

Blake L
yes as long as your 18 your good to go

Jenna's Mommy
yea you'll just be in DEPs till you leave for boot camp

You can join the National Guard or the Reserves when you're 17 or if you're in your junior year of high school. You will go to basic training during the summer between junior and senior year, then go for your job training and be done during the summer after you graduate. I don't think you can join active duty army this way. You can sign up and swear in while you're still in high school, but its all conditional and you won't be fully in or go to basic training until after you graduate. You have to have either a degree or a GED to get fully into the Army, whether its active duty, guard, or reserve.

Spider from Mars
Get them to sponsor you to go to university. Not only will you get a free degree, you'll also get to join as an officer when you graduate.

Alex :)

Yes. But don't join!

they will call you around the time of graduation.

It's called the Reserves.

In England you can apply when 15 7months and join after the 14 week training by 16years

32 years is the oldest you can apply for the force

in America yes when your 18 you can apply

u can but they rather take u in as a high school graduate

It's best you graduate first to have an education to fall back on, but if you must, there is a program that trains you for the army until you're 18. I personally don't believe in the war, so I would tell you not to. It is still your choice, just think about it first.

Yes if this is what you want to do. But why would you do this now of all times, there is a war going on people are being killed you don't want to be one of them.

You can As Soon as you graduate

u can but it would be in ur best interest to wait untill u graduate b/c u will get money 4 college if u need it or plan to go to college

Chandddller ♥
Yeah Babe! Best of luck :]

Love, Chandler, a future Soldier :]

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