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Can you join the army with a criminal record?
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Can you join the army with a criminal record?

I am 19 now and expecting to be getting a 12 month sentence in a few weeks. Just want to know when I'm all finished with that if I would still be able to join the army or would having been in prison mean I have no chance.


Nope not as far as I understand,

Certainly you couldn't when my Hubby joined up

( I presume you are talking about the UK Army)

It all depends what your conviction is for. Historically, a criminal record would have stopped you joining the forces, but that has now changed. Normally the severity of the offence governs the length of rehabillitaion period to be served before an application to join the forces will be allowed. Speak to your local Armed Forces careers office for clarity. Having just come to the end of 22 years in the Army, i recommend you go for it. Good luck.

Dosn't mean no chance but will make about 95% chance of not. Also depends on the crime. BUt 1 year prison sentence sounds like a bad one. Should have joined before you messed up and it might have helped you stay away from trouble. Sorry

It all depends on the offence, theiving car crime etc yes, GBH murder etc no.

Don't forget you will be taught to do all the above properly

if you play your cards right you may be able to avoid the sentence to go now if you choose so. I think the military has the most criminals in the us in it. I had a record they took me no problemif you got any specific question about it email me ill tell you anything you want to know and i will be 100% honest

If it is a felony then I'm sorry but your chances for joining are none.Hopefully it isn't a felony and the next time you'll think twice before u choose to do something against the law.Good luck

nope! you cant, your reccord has to be clean! thats what my dad told me and i trust that because he is in the national guard

No, until recently you could not. The military has become so desperate for recruits that they have loosened a lot of their standards. Many of the old rules no longer apply. If we are still at war when you are released, give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised. And really, if you have paid your debt to society, why shouldn't you serve your country?

YES YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!
iw as goign to join the army and they didnt care abotu my FELONY record that i spent tiem in prison for..... you cna get it waived.... talk to your local recruiter for more answers..... they know the real deal

you have no chance

David L
Yes, per Army regulations you can join the Army with a criminal record as long as the crime was not a felony, certain drug charges or a domestic charge. Your local recruiter will be able to answer your question.

Depends on the severity of the crime committed and whether or not you will be placed on probation or parole. Once released from prison talk to a recruiter and once you go through the process and they check your background you will have to go through a review board to see if they can get you in on a waiver.


I do not believe you can, but have a try

Mr curious
The US and UK are desperate to recruit anyone. So i would say yes.

andrew m
depends what you did kid......prison normaly means uh uh...

Ms RoRo
I have heard of people going to the Army with records but I think it depends on what you did. Contact your local Army recruiter when you get out.
I dont know where you are located but be sure to get your rap sheet to check for errors and if you have a felony and any number of misdemeanors you should apply for a certificate of relief and more than one felony you should apply for a certificate of rehabilitation this might lift any statutory bars to employment.
Good Luck

no i dont think you can join up with a criminal record

Depends on the crime.

Angels Raising Hell

kevin p
depens on your crime

ugly little hate machine
I think so, i always thought you had to be a convicted criminal to join up.

are you kidding me , don't you know the British Army has been recruiting proven murders and killers from HMS prisons for a long time as these candidates have already proved their killer instincts to be good Army material.

I was wondering if I can join the national guard with two felonies for DV I have served time in a state prison for it in 2002and2005 can I join

senior boy
can you join the army with count 1 feloney 6 discharge of firearm

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