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Can you join the military if you did not graduate from high school?
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Can you join the military if you did not graduate from high school?


Hunter C.
You must at least have a GED.

Yes you can aslong as you have a GED. If you don't, then you can't no matter what.

If you can finish school if not the recruiter will help you get a GED

joseph s
Yes but you would be required to get a GED.
When I was in they would let you get your GED while in the military.

Not yet.

A GED is the minimun requirement.
Military recruits are more educated than the rest of the civilian population of the same age demographic.

yes you can as long as you have a GED

No, you have to have a high school diploma, or GED.

only if ya get your ged for the army

if you got your ged then you can .just tell them that you got a ged.

you would need a GED before you could join

Elizabeth H
No. The standards for joining the military require that you have a high school diploma or a GED. Many of the branches of our armed forces have been pushing for higher standards, which could soon require a high school diploma. Making it nearly inpossible for those with a GED to inlist. Though with the proper work and motivation waivers can be granted.

Bradford S
The long and short of it is to talk to a recruiter. I know that the Army is constantly changing its standards to meet recruiting goals. You will still be required to pass the ASVAB, regardless if you have a GED, HS diploma, or a college degree. If I am correct, most of the services now offer the chance to complete your education and earn a GED while attending your Basic training phase. Take the time to talk to a recruiter. Just remember to look at everything that you will be getting yourself into and good luck.

N O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in short, yes

army or marines

Yes. It was a requirement until Iraq and the body bags started piling up!

Okay. I just checked with all recruiters. Air Force said hell no. Marines said maybe. Army said maybe. Navy said hell no... The only way to for sure get in is if you get your GED and then get some college hours. I think its like 15 hours

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