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Divorce coming...what is my wife entitled to?
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Divorce coming...what is my wife entitled to?

Im in the Army (E-3) and my wife left me about 2 days ago. Weve only been married for about 8 months and shes spent about half of her time time here with me, since Ive been stationed here, and the rest back home. This isnt the first time she's done this...but Im gonna make it the last.

My question is...Is she entitled to any of my money or BAH?? She never worked while she was here and I fully supported her and her son. Ive been told she could get some BAH, but after only 8 months thats ridiculous.

Also, I have a child back home and was receiving BAH-DIFF before I got married, and I have joint custody of her ( Suppose to get her every-other weekend and I have equal rights as her mother ). All my furniture is out here. Will I still be able to live off-post and receive BAH??


1, you have to continue to provide support for your wife, until you are divorced.

But if she moved out, its not like you have to rent her a place to live. But she is still entitled to support.

After the divorce, she is only entitled to whatever the courts give her, if she sues for alimony.

With no children, that means nothing.

2. It will be up to your command, whether you will be allowed to continue collecting BAH after the divorce.

Since the mother of your child has custody of the child, you do not rate BAH.

But in reality, once your off post, they rarely take the BAH away.

But just remember, they CAN !!!!

After the divorce, when you take your wife off your records, that's when you will find out what your command will do.

If you PCS, most likely you will lose the BAH, and just collect BAH-DIFF

The military doesn't recognize joint custody, What they look at at, is who has custody of the child 60% of the time.

Thats why you were only getting BAH-Diff before.

This makes me think that I am glad I am out and not dealing with this kind of stuff anymore. But, here goes. She will be entitled to half of your BAH until your divorce is final. Your command will be able to order you to pay that to her. As far as the other child, if you have joint custody you can stay off of post. After all, you can't have the child with you in the barracks on your weekends, can you?

what my hubby pays his kids was child support and he still provided hsi children with an ID card and kept them on his DEERS form so they could get medical and dental on his DEERS thru tricare. If she asks for spousal support will it has to be in the divorce degree and so does the child support an dthe order and the medical and dental. She no longer lives with you and you don't have a child an dyou are in th ebarracks then you don;t get BAH, no one is entitled to BAH, unless it is for a another child from a previsou marriage.

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