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Do male and female soldiers in the army have much contact with eachother?
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Do male and female soldiers in the army have much contact with eachother?

I know they'd obviously sleep in different areas but how often do they see eachother? Do some women 'fight on the frontline' too? sorry if I offend anyone Im just curious what womens roles in the army are? are men and womens roles basically equal except men do more of the heavy physical duties? thank you


You are correct about sleeping in different areas during basic training and AIT, however during combat and training some times males and females do share a sleeping tent (there are usually at least 20 people in the tent). Weather or not males and females have separate tents depends on how many females are in the unit.
For example I am in a predominately male dominated job. I was the only female in my company when we were deployed to Iraq. Technically I was supposed to have a separate tent for privacy, but it would have been risky to put me out in a tent by myself if we were to have an ambush. If I needed to change cloths or any thing, I would simply zip up my sleeping bag, and change inside my sleeping bad. If the guys needed to change they would do the same, or they would simply ask me not to look, and I would look in a different direction while they changed.
As far as fighting on the front line...things have changes a lot over the years. There is not really a defined "front line" any more. There are only a few jobs that woman are not alowed to have(usually combat arms jobs). The jobs include infantry, artilery, and some positions in special forces units (altho they may have the same job in a regular unit).
The reason that woman are not alowed in some jobs is not because they could not handle it physically or mentally, but because of the phycological effects on the guys. There have been studys done and the findings concluded that if two people were wounded (a male and a female), and a man had to choose which one to take care of first, they would instictivly take care of the woman first even if her wounds were not as bad as the man's wounds. It is just there natural paternal instinct that most american men grow up with.
I Hope that helps.

When I was in the Army, men and women trained together, but slept in separate barracks. When I served in the 8th CAV in Germany, we were a 100% male unit. We only saw female troops when extra medics were needed to support live fire training.

Women may not be assigned duty on the frontlines. But in combat areas such as Iraq, the lines might not be well defined. Enemy troops don't wear uniforms.

Women serve in the field artillery(FA) as officers. FA is a combat branch. I don't think women are in Infantry or Armor.

A lot will depend on the type of unit a Soldier is in...some units have very little to no female Soldiers in their ranks. Units with female Soldiers are not segregated as your question implies. We work together, hang out together, eat together, etc. Women's roles in the Army will vary on their actual "job," they could be in the medical field, supply field, administrative field, military police, etc. In Iraq, there are no real "frontlines," however, a frontline job as you have in mind are usually combat arms specialties that are male only jobs. Without an actual "frontline," many females are stepping outside the wire into hazardous situations. So in one aspect, roles are identical in the same job...a male cook will be doing the same role as a female cook. Unless that male is in a combat arms unit and performing roles outside of a normal cook's specialty.

I can only speak of my own British Army experiences of 1957-1965 and yes we had lots of contact with female soldiers - there was a whole barrack block of them in my regiment.

Now the girls are even more involved with the British Army and actually serve with regiments as members thereof as opposed to the old system of having a separate corps and then being sent to work along side other regiments such as the Royal Signals etc.

Women don't serve on the frontlines yet. There really isn't a "frontline" in wars anymore anyway but they aren't allowed in the infantry. During basic training men and women train together and sleep in different barracks. After Basic Training in Advanced Individual Training it's the same thing. Training together all day then sleeping in different barracks. After all that they work together then are dismissed to do and go wherever they want. Just like a 9 to 5 job.


Women and men serve together and see each other daily. The exception is in a combat MOS (job). Women are not allowed to serve in any combat jobs. That is why they are allowed to have such lower physical fitness requirements for women. Bottom line: Men and women interact on a daily bases unless they are in infantry, artillery, armor, scouts, special forces, ect. because only men are allowed in those jobs.

robert c
Well it has been rumoured that pregnancies are on the increase!

For the most part, woman aren't allowed into the fighting. Recently, a woman was awarded a silver star, but she was only there because she was the only medic available to take on patrol.

"After a roadside bomb detonated near a convoy of Humvees in the eastern Paktia province, Brown saved the lives of fellow soldiers in April 2007 by running through insurgent gunfire using her body to shield wounded soldiers while mortars fell nearby.[3] Since females are not allowed in direct action (DA) operations, Brown was pulled back to the base at Khost shortly after the incident.[4]"

Nah women don't fight, contrary to popular belief. Men and women have lots of contact, they are in almost every MOS, except Infantry etc... I for one have had lots of contact with girls, and I'm in the Infantry, and in Iraq. They will look the other way as long as you don't make it too obvious.

There are plenty of pregnancies I am sure. That is what happens when men and woman are placed in close quarters. Does pregnancy effect the way a soldier, policeman or fireman preforms? I think so.
But what do I know?
As far as heavy physical duties go, are they getting paid the same?
Equal pay for equal work, that's my feelings.

Tia T
Silly, that the only reason women want to enlist into the service. That's what they are looking for, the big pool of opportunities.

Peter T
They snuggle up together every night. What is in your head? You need to get out more.

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