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Do people in the british army get paid? if so how much?
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Do people in the british army get paid? if so how much?

like solidiers?
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OH, Well i thought they may have done it for free becasue they love their country so much


lee b
when i firs joined in1989 i was on around 10 grand a year and when i left i was on over 30 grand but that was due to specialised training pay but consider what i did and what the boys do now pound for pound the government get a bargain if you work out that you are on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you cant just through a sicky the average soldier is probably on £1.50 an hour but you never here them complain about it not bad considering the British arm is the best trained army in the world our chefs do longer training than the us marines.....lol

Ding Dong
Of course they don't get paid.They do it out of the goodness of their hearts. Occasionally, The Queen sends them a piece of battenburg cake and some tea in a flask but other than that, they don't get a bean.

90210 aka Hummer Lover
of course they get paid, would you do it for free. dont know how much cos it varies according to rank. They should get more and treated better by our government. More and better equipment too.

Oi Browny, are you listening.

NOT ENOUGH FOR THE DANGER THEY HAVE TO PUT UP FOR US ..they deserve far more respect ..!!1

Big Bad Boris Mayor of London
Not enough

Aye ofcourse they get paid, their pay however depends on rank etc... but they don't get enough.

Philip H ©
Of course they get paid, it depends on rank and service how much, I believe the starting pay for a private in the army, the lowest rank is about £17,000.

Not enough to fight for this sh1thole of a country.....

Of course they get paid! It's a job like any other. Having said that, they are way underpaid and unappreciated, and don't get the support they need when they leave.

Their wages are banded, pretty much like most governement jobs.

They should be paid more.

Mystical Mamba
no, they work for free and live off our waste.

of course they get paid, and not enough
(esp. compared to pc's and primary school teachers, who, in comparision, get paid too much...)

Mummy 2B DEC 10th !
someone i know is on £18k a yr

Yes they get paid, it depends on rank and length of service

J.B. Holiday
No soldier that fights for peace and democracy in this world is ever paid enough.

yeah of course they get paid, my ex was in the army and was on quite a good wage, around £25,000 a year shame he was an ar*ehole though. think at basic training level the wages are cr*p about £12000 ish

Chris P
army pay is approximately between £16000 a year for a new entrant and £90000 for a brigadier. What made you think they did it for free and whats wrong with being proud of serving with the best army in the world?

This tells you them all.

A private in the British army makes about £12,500/year. That's really low, but you won't be taxed when you are overseas, which adds a lot to your paycheck, and also you can get housing included, and some other benefits.

Of course they get paid, don't know how much tho'

Copy and Paste Master
nah, they are all poor.

not nealy enough

Yes they do, but not enough they should also get paid more at certain times like when they are fighting for thier country!

Celia H
You can find all the current rates of pay on the British Ministry of Defence website, www.mod.uk .

About £5 per hour.

Yeah they do get paid, although I'm not sure how much.

It depends on your position.

Some of the top positions get paid LOOOOOAAAAADS!

Yes the get paid with tea and crumpets. As a bonus they get two lumps of sugar

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