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Do women have to go through the gas chamber is army training?
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Do women have to go through the gas chamber is army training?

Im 15 and I want to go into the army medical field as an EMT. I researched some training and saw videos of men going through the gas chamber (tear gas) and I would hate to do that. Do women have to do that also? And Whats it like? Another thing, is there anything I could do now to prepare to go into the army? My school doesnt have an ROTC.


Hil E

The gas chamber is nothing to be afraid of and it does give you confidence that your equipment will protect you.

How to get ready for enlistment:

Keep asking questions: Get in touch with your local Army Recruiter. Have that person come out to your house and brief both you and your parents about the Army. That is a low pressure way to gain more information about this important decision.

Take the SASVAB at your high school. Try to take it more than once. It is good practice for any standard tests and in is the best career councilor tool there is.

Start running. You need to be able to do 2 miles in 15:36 minuets to Max the run

Start doing Push-ups: you need to do 42 in 2 minuets to Max

Start doing Sit-Ups: you need to do 78 in 2 minuets to Max.

Max everything you do never settle for less than your best.

Develop a winning attitude: Understand that If you decide you can do something there is nothing that can stop you but YOU. If you do those few things you will do great.

I spent 30 years in the Army and wish I could start all over again. Good Luck

Tincan Navy
Absolutley!! A woman can be gassed just as easily as a man. So pay attention on how to put on the gas mask and other protective gear!

Paul C
Pretty sure everyone does.

That One Dude
Yeah you will have too. Dont worry though its not that bad. As long as you pay attention and know what to do you will be fine.

joey m
Yes! Everyone has to go through the gas chamber. It is a requirement. It is not the best feeling in the world, but you can do it. The best thing that you can do is to stay in shape. Running push ups and sit ups are key in getting ready for the army. Also stay mentally strong

Yes, you have to go through all the same training as the men do, from Physical Training, Gas Chamber, Weapons Qualification to field exercises, peeing in the woods and road marches. The best thing you can do right now is get into amazing physical shape, get used to operating on little sleep, carrying heavy loads (get used to 50 pounds, the minimum standard might be lower, but this way you can hack it) over long distances (get ready for a 13 mile march at the end of basic), being able to lift yourself, if you can do pull-ups, that will be a good help. Find a obstacle course you can run, and run it several times in one session - just be safe. Work on studying skills, you will be learning a LOT of information in a short time while being exhausted. Check out the local reserve units and college ROTC programs, you may not be able to join the ROTC or work with the reserve units, but they may be able to give you ideas on what you can do in your local area to get ready.

EVERYBODY goes through. It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Best advice stay calm breathe slow. Different people react differently. But the worst to expect, watery burning eyes, it does feel like your skins burning a bit, no worse than a slight sunburn, it will make you cough, but it's a joke if you stay calm. It will make your nose get all snotty if you breathe through your nose. Lips slightly open and slow breaths is the best way to go through. Part two: learn the soldiers creed, the 3 general orders, and any other military info about the M-16 or anything you possibly can. Learn to organize everything, and stay steady with the PT. I personally suggest getting you a backpack packed full and hiking a bit. If you need to know more just message me.

yes women go to the "gas chamber" (CS gas) It is not that bad. if you do it right you should only get a few breathes of gas. i did it and so can anyone else

Yes they do .

im sure that they do.

Kathryn P
Get a copy of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Get a copy of the Army Handbook. You can probably find these at Barnes and Noble, or other huge book stores.

I was in the Marines in the early 80's and the women went through the gas chamber too. It is important. If you are wanting to go into the medical field, you will be exposed to gasses, and you will need to understand what is going to happen, and you will need to go through it at least during boot camp.

Learn to follow instructions without asking anything. You have to blindly follow in the military when you are enlisted, and low ranked, because those in charge make decisions that require quick reaction, they don't have time for someone to argue with them. They have the experience that you need to develop, and you have to trust them. Unless, of course, you know it to be an unlawful order.

I'm sure you heard something about the soldiers who treated the prisoners of war badly and all used the "I did what I was ordered to do" defense. That doesn't cut it anymore. The Nazi's tried it, and now the soldiers tried it. No excuse. If you know something to be wrong, don't do it. If you think it is a lawful order, do it, you can question the action after it is over if you have concerns.

However, learn the general orders required by the branch of service you are going into.

I did not do ROTC, and I did just fine, and you will too, if that is what you want to do.

Homeless in Phoenix
I was in the Navy. We had to do it in boot camp. It wasn't that bad at all.

From experience, YAWP!

And it really wasn't that bad. Wasn't exactly a cake walk, but hey, I can say I did it.

You don't realize the full extent of how much your nose can run until you've been through it... :-S

Maria Gallercia
Yes, the military try to make training equal to men and woman albeit they cannot go into most combat and special opt AIT.

Yes, they do. I'm in the Navy, and was in an integrated division in boot. We all went through the chamber at the same time. I saw plenty of women who handled it better than a lot of men. My personal experience with CS gas wasn't that bad. It irritates the eyes and mucus membranes, so expect a lot of snot. A few people vomit. As far as preparing goes, try to be in good shape to be ready for all the PT and stuff, but a good attitude goes a long way as well. If you maintain a positive outlook through basic training, no matter how hard it gets, you will do well, and the day you go to the gas chamber may be one of the most fun days of your training like it was for me.

I was a combat medic in the Army. It's probably the best field you could choose, I loved it. But the gas chamber is required for everyone. It's really a "Mask Confidence Course" as they called it, because it proves to you that your mask really will protect you. You go in, they pop the CS tabs. You have to break the seal on your mask and re-seal it. They generally like to make you run in place or do some jumping jacks or something. Then they make you take off your mask and they'll ask you a question like what's the last four of your social or they'll ask you to recite the soldier's creed. After that you run out of a door on the other side of the building than you came in from that inevitably has a tree in the nearby vicinity that you have to avoid or break your nose on. The CS gas is not bad, it feels like you have a really bad sunburn, that's all. Just make sure to take off your dogtags. And don't run, the drill sergeants will make you stay in there longer if you run. Or they'll make you go back through until you do it right.

As far as what you can do to prepare... Start working out NOW. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, run. Tuesday and Thursday, work on your pushups and situps and do everything you can to build your muscles. We used to do what we called "muscle failure" where you work out until your muscles give out on you. It sounds bad, but it really helps you in the long run. If you have any questions, IM me or email me. usmctaylor06

Yes, everyone has to do the gas chamber. In case of NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) warfare, everyone (no matter what age or gender) will need to know how to properly don and clear a gas-mask. When I went through Basic, the women went through the chamber at the same time as the men. Same goes with annual requalifications. You go in there with the mask on, take it off and hold your breath, then put it on and blow out the "gas" that could have gotten into it while it was off. Even if you breathe it, it's not so bad--but will definitely clear the sinuses. Think of ammonia and bleach mixed together and you essentially have the same stuff they use in the gas chamber. It's been over 6 years since I've been in a gas chamber, but that's what I remember of it. Hope that helps.

yes they do. its nothing to be scared of either. ive seen alot of women do better at the nbc chamber than males. when you come out youll just be teary eyed an snot all over the place an some people puke. you actually get training on wearing the mask along with antropene injectors ect. the only thing that can prep you for going to basic is physical activity ie running, push ups, situps. make sure you take a look at the actual medical field cause you may want to be a medical officer then again you may not want to be.

Yes, you will go in the CS chamber. If you want to know what it is like go to your local hot wing place, order some hot wings as hot as THEY can make them, and just put your face a couple of inches over them and inhale deeply. That will give you a kindergarten view of what it will be like in the CS chamber.

To prepare for boot, exercise, exercise, exercise! you should be able to do at least 50 situps, 25 pushups (and not the girly ones, either), and run for 2 miles at a minimum.

jim c
yes, i was in the army in the medical field but for boot camp every one has to go through the gas chamber. its not that bad you have a mask on when you walk in. when your in they tell everyone to remove there mask your in for about 30 sec then your out yes you do do throw up and snot comes out of your nose but your clear in like 2 min.also it cleans your sinuses. and its cs gas not tear gas. as far as prepareing ,push ups ,sit ups and running thats it the test is to do a certain # of push ups in 2 min same for sit ups and you have run 2 miles in under like 1800 min the only thing diffrent for the guys is the # reps they do. also if you saw a video of all guys you watching an infantry boot camp probably ft bennings youll probably go to ft jackson or ft leanorwood. good luck

Yes all persons in the military go though the NBC(Nuclear Biological Chemical) chamber. To whats it like, that's easy it does what it says. You cough your eyes water and your nose runs. The major thing is to relax, if you get scared you will inhale more gas and it will make you choke more.
To prepare work on doing as many push up as you can in 2 minutes( try for 30 -40) sit-ups ( try for 30) and a 2 mile run in under 14:30. If you can do that's before you are in you will be fine and you will make it to AIT with no problem

Yep, just like everyone else. Why would you think females wouldn't have to go through the gas chamber? You want to be treated like every other soldier, right? Well then you have to do the same Basic training too. For me, It felt like inhaling finely broken glass mixed with habanero peppers. (I was getting over a bad chest cold at the time. The CS cleared me right up too!) But the burning only lasts for a few minutes. The whole point is to show soldiers that the protective mask you're wearing really does work.
To prepare for Basic: get fit mentally as well as physically. You don't have to break your @ss ahead of time...your Drill Sergeants will do that for you. But it will help if you can properly do push-up and sit-ups. Ask a recruiter for stuff you'll need to memorize (General Orders, rank recognition, etc...) If the recruiter is worth a damn, they'll get that info for you.

Yes everyone goes through the gas chamber it's not really that bad.Some really great answers on this already though i can say cs effects people differently it doesn't bother me much makes my water some tear gas doesn't even do that .It made for a long day for me lol.

Richard M
Yes women do. And it isn't all that bad. A few moments of wet eyes a runny nose and flapping your arms like a big gooney bird and your done! Easy. As for preparing Are you in good shape.

Travis O
YES during training everyone goes through the same thing no matter the gender

kenny F
I'm in the airforce right now but the army basic training is about the same as airforce. Yes women do have to go through the gas chamber. But its not that bad. What you could do to prepare yourself for the army is run until you can do two miles without a lot of difficulty and at a decent time like under 18 minutes because youll be running alot when you get there so you dont have to be totally ready but it would be a good idea to get an edge on the other girls to save some yelling from your drill sargeant. Another thing is push-ups, you will be doing alot of those to so practice till you can do 30 comfortably also pull ups and marching/facing movements like left face, right face, about face. I would find someone whos been in the military or is in rotc and have them teach some stuff to you. Oh yea and making your bed with hospital corners, they are REALLY picky about that. Well I hope I answered your queation but the main thing is have confidence when you go to basic if the instructors see that you have confidence they will not nearly mess with you more than they will mess with someone who is scared and nervous out of there mind, they look for that stuff no joke! I hope you do well for our country in the army and take it serious it reallyis a pretty good lifestyle once you get past all the training. Good Luck!

yes. Tear gas isn't going to kill you. It burns your eyes and makes you cough a lot, but it goes away pretty fast after you leave the chamber. I would say that the best thing you can do to get ready for the army is get in the best shape you can- now. Run, then run some more.Push-ups, sit ups too. Make sure you are eating right as well.You can also save yourself a little bit of trouble and ask a recruiter what would make life easier for you before you decide to go. Don't sign ANYTHING until you've had a night to mull it over though. Hope this helps

It's CS gas and it's a bit worse than just tear gas. It makes you tear up like tear gas but it also makes the snot run profusely from your nose and down your chin and it also makes you vomit. I don't know for sure if the women have to go through it but I would hope they would. How else are you to know what to expect and do if you are put in that situation. You have to know how fast and what to do to put your gas mask on.

riley w
well i'am a lcpl, in the marine corps and every new recruit that goes to PI half to and its not to bad just be ready and take it

just me
no , not everyone.back in hitlers days i would of become one of hitlars troops because i have blond hair and blue eyes.if u would like to know more watch the boy in the striped pj's. but yes every girl has to go through a gas chamber i dont it myself.if u are well prepared and covered u have nothing to be scared of.so not i work in afganastan' working for the medical health team.hope u get to where u want to be too!

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