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Do you get your own room in the Marine Corps barracks like the army?
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Do you get your own room in the Marine Corps barracks like the army?

I know you live in a dorm type setting, but do you get your own room?


from E-1 to E-4 nope.. but if the barracks its not overcrowded which its very unlikely E-4 to E-5 can get two to one in a room all ,usually E-5 and up get BAH so they live out in town.

in the USMC privacy its very rare except if you have some MOS (jobs) where the amount of Marines its small

Very rare does someone new in the Army get a room tom themselves... And it wouldn't last long.

Mr Puma
They are called "Barracks" and no, you don't get your own room so no pulling the pud for you.

If you join the Air Force you get your own room no matter what rank you are. The most you will have to share is a kitchen and a bathroom, and thats only with one other person. But the newer dorms (we call them dorms, too nice to call them barracks) you even have your own kitchen and bathroom.

Buckeye Fever
After being at Pope (On Ft. Bragg), the Air Force seems to be the only service that gives its enlisted personnel, E-1 and up, its own dorm room that you don't have to share.

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