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Do you have to register for the military when you turn 18?
Find answers to your legal question.

Do you have to register for the military when you turn 18?

I just turned 18 today!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! But yes, almost all American males must. There are certain males who have conditions that the government will not require to register. Find more information for your answer on: http://www.sss.gov/FSwho.htm

American Girl
If you are male, you have to register with Selective Service. There is potential for consequences if you don't.

just go to your local post office and request a selective service card. they'll show you what to do.

GoGo Girls
No, if you are an 18yr old male, by law you are required to register for selective service,.

You do have to register for the selective service to qualify for financial aid and applying for gov't jobs.

Steve S
You need to go to your local post office and register for Selective Service...good thing is their isn't a draft anymore but your still required to register.

Navy Sailor - GAI
No you need to go to any US Post Office and register for the Selective Service. That is not the same thing as enlisting. It is just a registration process to let the government know you are of age and have registered just in case there is ever a draft which there won't be anytime soon.

yes -- just go to your local post office, pick up a form,
fill it out and mail it in. done and over

(disregard if you're a chick -- this is a guy thing)

According to this article, you still need to register in the US.

Lloyd of London
You, if your male, are required to register for the draft when you turn 18.

Brian C
Unless you're in a very small percentage, you have to register with Selective Service when you turn eighteen. This applies to males only and it's required by law.

Ma Deuce
Yes when you turn 18 you must register for selective service. You go to the post office and fill out a card. It is in case a draft is reinstated.

Once you turn 18 you have to register.

yes, American males must register for selective service. I think you can register at the post office (other places too, but not sure where)

Polish soldier
They didnt tell you?! Enlist now or you face prison!!! Everyone at 18 most enlist!!

not for the military but for the selective service go to your post office and they will give u the neccessary forms

Marcos O

Yeah I think you do encase of a draft.

mark j
No. I'm 26 and never registered for the military. Now you will receive a form to fill out regarding your eligibility for jury duty.

david s
you don't have to

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