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Do you have to take an IQ test to join the army? (Canada or US)?
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Do you have to take an IQ test to join the army? (Canada or US)?

I was thinking of joining the Canadian army but I do not want to take an IQ Test or aptitute test

is there a way I could join without having to do this, it's against my beliefs

I'm not retarded and I even have a degree in math
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Nick: well, as someone who had a background in science I don't feel an IQ test is at all an accurate measure of human intelligence in fact I think even attempting to measure something so subjective and wide ranging is ridiculous and I'd rather not have a number assigned to me that will mislabel me

I'm fine with taking orders and the physical training it's just that one aspect I'd really rather not do.


Special Agent GreaseBall
You are required to take the aptitude test.

There's no way around the recruitment process.

Edit: I understand your concerns, but there is more to the aptitude test than just labeling how smart you are. While it does test your verbal, spatial, and problem solving skills, the test is all about understanding how well you will perform mentally in the military and what position best suits you. Basically, they need to know your brain is in working order.

You have to take an aptitude test. It's not an IQ test. But it's still mandatory.

No but you will be tested and trained an awful lot when you first sign up

yes you do its the asvab test but if you don't mind me asking why is taking an iq test against beliefs

i'm wondering the same thing i want to join but i'm worried about the aptitude test, its mainly the math thats my problem. Although a bigger problem for me is the fact that i don't think infantry is recruiting currently and thats what i want to get in to.

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