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Does America have weapons of mass destruction?
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Does America have weapons of mass destruction?


Of course!!! The problem is that they feel they are the only ones allowed to have and use them

No, we got rid of them due to UN regulations.

Yes we have nuclear weapons as well as chemical and biological stockpiled.

Oh yeah! Nuclear bombs.

lovingly refered to as icbm, then there is the daisy cutter and all those nasty little viles of viruses that are locked away. if anyone thinks that we don't have wmd's there nuckin futs.

yes and they have some that no body knows about yet too. can't wait til those come out.

The answer is yes. The USA has weapons of Mass Destruction, Chemical and Biological agents as well. The reason for these weapons go back as far as World War I. The USA Policy for these weapons are as follows: All Nuclear Biological or Chemical weapons of war are in the inventory for "retaliatory reasons only". We as a people will NEVER use these weapons in a first strike against any country. BUT we have them as a deterrent against other nations that do not have the same moral or national restrictions in their use. All nations know that to attack the USA with any weapon of Mass Destruction will lead to its use on themselves in retaliation. Most of The USA Weapons of Mass destruction have been moth balled or destroyed, but until all nations destroy the capability to "Kill the World" The USA will hold some weapons as a reserve, and as a deterrent.

yes USA have plenty of all kinds of WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction).
it is a result of the double face policy and deal.

We INVENTED weapons of mass destruction. Well, at least we invented nuclear weapons. Gas was used by someone else first, and biological warfare started back when castles were laid seige to.

Yes, we have plenty of WMD.

The United States has more WMDs than the rest of the world combined many times over.

We have enough nuclear weapons to burn the entire world to a crisp.

In addition to nuclear weapons, the US has the world's largest stockpile of chemical weapons as well. These were supposed to be destroyed long ago, but we never got around to it. Sound familiar?

You can find more information than you will ever want to know at www.fas.org

The US has Themonuclear devices, Chemical and Biological weapons. Most of the chemical and biological weapons are stockpiled in small ammounts for countermeasure research primarily (force protection, antidotes etc) The US has the Most Nuclear devices in the world. The British developed the more dangerous chemical and biological weapons, (Anthrax and VX nerve gas) but the US has actually stockpiled an ammount of it!)

Hell-ooh, does the word Hiroshima ring a bell?

yes we do because the military never will tell u that sort of thing. the US needs to keep its weapond but a lot of them are realy old so they keep taking them off line and making better ones

absolutely-to name just one, nuclear weapons. most western nations posess a full range of so called weapons of mass destruction, biological, chemical etc. etc.

Yes. We have a nuclear arsenal second to none. There are 18 Ohio class nuclear ballistic missile submarines currently in service with the navy. Each one carries 24 Trident IID missiles that in turn carry 8 idenpendently targetable warheads, each one capable of levelling a large city. There are also close to 1000 land based strategic missile sites in north dakota alone. We also maintain stocks of air dropped nuclear weapons. The United States no longer produces biological or chemical weapons, but you had better believe that we have enough of both to kill every man, woman and child on the face of this planet several times over.

Of course! All those treaties and pacts were media fronts to give the Cold War a public death. If America lacked these weapons, there's no way in hell that it could threaten, police, invade, and order around other countries and still get a good night's sleep.

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