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Fraudulent Enlistment?
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Fraudulent Enlistment?

So here is my situation. I am just about to leave my "A" school for the US Navy. I was filling out my Sea screening and i accidently mentioned that about 6 years ago, i was diagnosed with depression, and that it ended up being stress. I never mentioned it before, and i didnt mean to let it slip this time. What are the odds that my new command will look back at my records? I talked to 4 different staff members, and they all said not to worry, but i can't help it. What are the odds of me getting nailed on it, and getting court-martialed? Do they ever back check your records?


Don't worry about it. They'd only push to get you out if they thought something was wrong with you, like you act depressed every day.

HAHA wow, you stole a pack of hot dogs?!
That's good stuff.

ning nong
allot of your background has got allot to do with your security clearance...i spent 10 yrs in the navy and i had a top secret clearance...they found out that when i was 13 yrs old i had stolen a pack of hot dogs...nothing happened...if you take a class that doesn't require much high security rating i wouldn't worry..also they will not quart marshal you...i was busted twice and still kept my clearance...but this was in the vietnam days...what they do now could be different

Don't worry about it, you'll be fine.

no dont worry they cant look at your records

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