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Getting married into the Navy?
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Getting married into the Navy?

My boyfriend is in boot camp right now, I know it would have been easier or better if we had gotten married BEFORE he went to boot camp but we didn't..so I need to know from anyone who's expierenced getting married after boot camp or after A school?

I would like to know the advantage and disadvantages, how hard will this be? I live in Florida, so when he's on leave either after boot camp OR A school will he come out here or stay in Illinois?

Thank you SO much!
Additional Details
I understand the military and how it works. I didn't want opinions on my decision to getting married. I'm going to do this regardless, we had made plans before he went off to boot camp and we want to stick with it. Age is not a factor in this situation, we are both old enough to know and understand that this is what we BOTH want. There is NO chance for him getting stationed back home, that is not what he wants and neither do I. We want overseas...but more than likely considering what he's going in the Navy for he'd get stationed in San Diego.

But I just simply asked if it was possible to get married before going to A school, or after A school.


The advantages of you getting married to an active duty person:
free health care.
The disadvantages:
He could get orders to an unaccompanied duty station.
He could go on a ship and be gone for extended periods of time,
He could get shipped overseas, and you may not like the area he is sent to.
He could go spend 12-15 months in Iraq or Afghanistan.
He is so young he may find someone else.

You can get married in ten minutes at the court house by the justice of the peace. Just because he is in the military doesn't mean he has to stop living.

If you marry before A school he can hope to get you put on his orders so the the Navy will pay for you to move wherever he gets stationed. If you wait until after A school you are considered an acquired dependent and the 2 of you will pay to move you wherever he is going to be. The Navy will not pay for 1 penny of it that way.

Yes as long as he can afford it he can come see you.

He can come back for a couple days, using his accrued leave, but he will go to wherever his gets stationed. That can be anywhere, worldwide.

he will report immediately to A school. he will not be allowed any time off during A school unless he is in A school during the last 2 weeks in December( all schools shut down then). he will not be permitted to go more than say 350 miles from the A school location on the weekends once he has earned off base privileges( each A school has their own policies about what the Liberty mileage restriction is).

he could graduate on a friday and have to be at his duty station that following Monday. or he could have a month before he has to report.

as someone who went through this: wait until he reports to his duty station, finds out the schedule and THEN try and schedule a wedding. and even then.. prepare for the ship to get underway that week anyway( voice of experience).

travis m
He may get leave, to come home and visit.... but you probably have better odds of winning the lottery, than he has of getting stationed "back home"

Get married whenever you want to, whatever's best for you two. But be prepared to pick yourself and move wherever the Navy stations him... or be prepared for him to go "on ship" for 6 months to a year.

Be flexible... he has little control over where he goes, at least for his first few years. Be flexible, be understanding, and be supportive. Plenty of people have had long happy marriages in the navy... plenty of others have let it tear them apart... just try to be on the side that supports and understands each other.

Jennifer S
How old are and how long have you been together? That should be the big factor on whether you should get married or not. Not a time line of boot camp or A school. Make sure this is the life you want and the person you want. Don't rush to get married! I knew my husband for 7 years before we got married. I am not saying others haven't made it but over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Make sure he is the one. Marriage is a lot of work and is not at all like TV says. It is devotion to each other and willing to work, both of you, through everything and anything life sends your way. Read a book call Ask The Hard Questions before marriage! by susan

My answer is depending upon his job or specialty he may request to be stationed at one of the great lakes which will be closer to you.

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