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Has Obama ever served in the US military...?
Find answers to your legal question.

Has Obama ever served in the US military...?

...or any other country's military?


Nope, but I agree it would be a resonable requirement for future presidents since they are the Commander in Chief.

Navy Recruit HM



I don't think he has served anywhere.

The president never served in the military. He's not the first president to never serve in uniform; Bill Clinton, Franklin Roosevelt, and a few others never served in uniform either. While the President is legally the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, he is still a civilian.


No, and I believe you already knew that.

No. I do think it should be a requirement to become president. Why should someone have power over the military and not understand what soldiers, sailors, marines, and airman go through.

Toni W
President Obama has served in the U.S military, because in the Constitution, it says that the President is the Commander-in-Chief of the US Military. He makes decisions for troop placement or removal, appointing/dismissing generals, officers, etc. This makes him the top member of the U.S. Military.

What does being Rambo have to do with leading a country effectively?

Wade H
Not until becoming the head of the Armed Forces as President, I'm told.

However, GWB might well have had a tour of duty in the El Salvadorian Air Force during the last period of Air Combat in Piston Engined Fighter planes, just to say he'd done it (beaten Dad's war record...). This would make GWB not only born and thus a citizen of another nation (Panama while Daddy was in the CIA there on business) but also it would make him a belligerent foreign national, as Congress expressly forbid him to support his adopted homeland but he did so anyway, by trafficking and selling dope here (see the murder of My Brother, Game Warden Clay Randolf Hinson, and the wounding of Myself, his Deputy As WELL as HIS attempted murder of a couple of US agency Employees in Seattle, Washington).

Too bad isn't it? When a drug dealer, Like Osama Bin Laden cannot espouse himself a God, or his allie, George Walker Bush cannot do so, even though they pay so many people to lie for them, without a POLICEMAN saying nope, sorry, merely a crook with more money than Congress...

And in that same breath, asking the USA not to support psychotic criminals like THAT through purchases of DOPE.

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