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How Many G's can a human body endure?
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How Many G's can a human body endure?

If a person is interested in becoming a military pilot how much of a G-force are they to endure?


"Human tolerances depend on the magnitude of g-force, the length of time it is applied, the direction it acts, the location of application, and the posture of the body."

1) Vertical axis g-force:
a) positive: untrained: 5 g; trained, with special suit: 9 g
b) negative (drive blood to the head): - 3 g
c) instantaneous: 40 g
d) deadly: 100 g (record: 179 g)

2) Horizontal axis g-force
"The human body is considerably more able to survive g-forces that are perpendicular to the spine."
Untrained humans:
a) pushing the body backwards: 17 g
b) pushing the body forwards: 12 g

3) "Strongest g-forces survived by humans
Voluntarily: Colonel John Stapp in 1954 sustained 46.2 g in a rocket sled, while conducting research on the effects of human deceleration.
Involuntarily: Formula One racing car driver David Purley survived an estimated 179.8 g in 1977 when he decelerated from 173 km·h−1 (108 mph) to 0 in a distance of 66 cm (26 inches) after his throttle got stuck wide open and he hit a wall."
Source for all quotes and further information:

That depends on if you are talking about sustained G's or instantaneous G's and the angle of their pilot seat. Most military pilots train to endure sustained G's of about 9 G's. Nearly all modern fighter aircraft seats are reclined to 30 degrees so that pilots can sustain more G forces. They also wear G-suits to help with that. However, the human body can endure much more instantaneously. On Dec. 10, 1954 Col. (Dr.) John P. Stapp experienced the highest sustained G-force ever endured by man. He attained a then-world record land speed of 632 mph, going from a standstill to a speed faster than a .45 bullet in five seconds on an especially-designed rocket sled, and then screeched to a dead stop in 1.4 seconds, sustaining more than 40g's of thrust, all in the interest of safety.

I read somewhere that humans as is can pull about six.

Pilots wear suits and do some other tricks that let it get up to about 10. They do black out, but it usually only lasts a second or two. It basically has to do with keeping blood in your head, so pressuring the legs with straining and the special suits allow for the extra.

I believe that 9 G's is considered the top end.

I believe it is 10 Gs.

not sure what they require , but i know they will never pull more than 10 like an aerobatic pilot.

the G-suits inflate to push blood to your brain and keep it out of your useless legs.

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