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How close is America to civil war?
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How close is America to civil war?

With Obamas policies dividing the nation more so than ever, how close are we to a civil war? States like Texas are threatening to secede.


We are nowhere close to a Civil War.

Texas is not seriously threatening to secede.

That is just people talking, nothing more.

No, just more complaining. At some point dems will accept that they cant give everything to everyone without having to pay for it.

Not at all close.

i really doubt that would happen.but i have been wrong before.

144 years away...

Texas will break away from the Union. "Texas doesn't need the united states, the united states needs Texas"-Sam Houston

Learn your History. People keep on saying if Texas leave nobody will notice lol. Lets find out. People are saying let Mexico have Texas back.....If I remember correctly Texas did beat Mexico. Now if Texas wants to break away and form it's own country that would have to find a friend out there that is willing to take on the U.S. just like how the French helep out the Americans during the Revolution war. I can name two countries that would love to help out Texas... Russia and China

Not at all.

Succession is only in the deluded mind of hate radio talk show hosts and lunatic Fixed Noise commentators.

And no, I live in Texas, and we will not secede. The other 49 are not that lucky.

When the government bans text messaging and American Idol ,the end will be very near!

lone butcher Spartan remembers
We are so far from civil war it's almost funny to bring it up.
Texas threatening to secede haha. My friend Texas remembers the Alamo, they are perhaps the last state in the US that would leave.

Secede? Good.

Question is, would anyone notice?

We are no where near that and we are only as divided as we allow ourselves to be. Conservatives can attack and impugn and act like the liberals did for the last eight or we can rise above that and oppose his policies in a civil manner. I prefer to be better than liberals in my protests.

Dividing the nation? He won a decisive victory in a free election. This is how our country works.

I know you’re mad because a black man is President but you need to wait until 2012 and run a better candidate.

Texas has threatened to secede for years.

We are no wear near; unf.

Well, I fear it is right on the horizon. In the next few years. Taxes are set to shoot up and inflation will further cripple the economy. The department of homeland security is calling people like me who went to a tea party, an extremist. A poll has showed that America IS the most polarized since the civil war. That's scary! Rick Perry is hinting that secession may be a possible option when things get bad. I believe other states may follow in Texas's lead. If this happens and Texas or any other state secedes, We would most likely have a civil war on our hands. Almost identical. Let's say Texas and Arizona do. So they secede peacefully, whoever is president is going to have troops go in and put down the "rebellion". I fear this could be right down the road with the terrible economy coming and don't forget the ever-growing and oppressive federal government.

i think they are realizing it is a possibility
look at the dhs report
why single out military who swore to defent the constitution?

Our country can't handle another civil war right now. A civil war is brewing, however if one does occur it will not be within a minimum of a couple years. I seriously doubt it will happen though, as long as Obama lets us keep our guns.

well we idiots that like to drink tea and actually know what were talking about think more about the issues. i'd say that were actually pretty close cause our very over rated president thinks he knows whats best for our country..... you know that the tax percentage we have now and those that are to come is extremely higher than it was for the colonialists that started the American Revolution cause of high taxes..... i'll admit i was sort of down for obama at first but not nearly as much or really at all..... there is already a line being drawn for 2 sides it wont be long just watch texas is already talking about it and all its goin to take is one more crucial mistake on Obamas part

slasher for real
Well if china acends to supremacy and the us fades into her own corner then as america looks inward she will fragment into racial enclaves sparking a race war,the new civil war
The thing that keeps america from tearing herself apart is her intervention in other countries,a distraction that allows america to not concentrate solely on herself because once she does she will tear herself apart.

Olan Black
lets look at this in real life.

Armed civilians versus the US military, I don't think so.

Texas secedes, and become a country, since they would be a country, the US wouldn't be responsible for protection. so you will have the Mexican drug lords fighting a guerrilla warfare in Texas. and the National guard would have no equipment (they get there equipment from the U.S. Army) and also remember, Many people in south Texas have Family in Mexico, so you would have a large portion of the population that are fighting against the government of Texas. in addition, Texas would have to establish a currency, and also establish trade with other countries. so they would be broke for a while. then you will have a large portion of the population that will leave since they don't wish to be a separate country. to top that off, you figure the US would impose a trade embargo, so they wouldn't be able to get products from the US. there would be no TV, since Texas doesn't have a bandwidth to broadcast on. No parts for machinery,

overall, Texas would become a Somalia within two years.

lol I say give Texas back to Mexico...they can have Bush back ...and my friend...there has always been a divide in politics...it certainly isn't a new phenomenon..

hopefully texass secedes. the overall status of the US would go up.

Buck Fush
We already fought the Civil War. The losers like to drink tea.

there's one thing you guys need to take in though. Texas gives more money to the DC then DC gives to Texas. Texas could survive on it's own. we have enough people to have military. not to mention Fort Hood the biggest military base if I'm right in the world. The US would most likely lose that equipment. Esp if it's Texas build

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