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How do you find your orders on your AKO account?
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How do you find your orders on your AKO account?

I heard that you can see your orders on where you will be stationed and with what unit on your AKO account. I can log on to it, but I dont know where to go from there. Can anyone help please?!?
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OK! Thank you so much! Would anyone happen to know how long it takes to see your orders? My husband just started his 10 week AIT yesterday. About when should they come up? It says No data available right now.


**** Army Wife****
Since he is in AIT he will get his order the last few weeks of school.

What shows on the ASK site is just the location and report date. . If he looks on his ERB it will also show his assingment but since this is his first assignment it is highly unlikely that he will get anymore inforamtion that. Usually they report to reception and are assigned a unit from there.

Army wife and ready to serve
if he is in the guard his order should be on his iPERMS .... and there should be all his information on where his unit is and if his unit is gonna get deployed. and it doesn't take that long for his orders to kick in. it took a few of our orders just two weeks to show up on our ako account and some it took until the end of AIT. also if he wants to he can ask his plt sgt. they are always willing to help their soldiers find out where their duty station is.

remember if he is active he might go to lima school after ait. that is if he has a valid drivers license. what company did he end up in anyways?

Once you log into the AKO website you look on the right hand side and you'll see the Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK). This will open a new window and you will find the tab on the top that says "On Assignment" This area will tell you your assignment location and report date when it is posted by the Army HRC. You can also get to the ASK website via the Army HRC website.

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