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How early do military personnel have to wake up?
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How early do military personnel have to wake up?

Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force? I'm looking for personal experience preferably (or someone who knows indefinitely). Also, I am looking for times AFTER basic training. Thanks!


0 dark thirty!

Sewer Gas
If you have to ask this stay out of the military...

Well it all depends. I myself am in the navy. I had some wierd working hours but thats because i am a watchstander at most of my commands that i have been at. Which means i stood a 12 hour work day now that sounds like fun huh. Well you do get compensated by getting days off if you are on shore duty. Which means you are not on a ship. While i was on ship and we were not out to sea the earliest i got up normally was around 5 am for duty section muster that was at 530. Again in the navy it just depends on your job. Some people`s jobs have them up at O dark 30 which is military talk for hella early....

There's really no set time for when you wake up. It all depends on what your MOS is. I'm in the Infantry and reveille this morning was 0600. Usually when you're in the field it's about 30 mintues before sunrise unless you have something to do earlier. I've been up as early as 0200 to draw weapons and set up gear on the deck.

In in the gym for PT at 0530hrs 6 days a week.

I'm at work by 0800hrs 7 days a week. I leave work about 2100hrs each night.

That's my deployment schedule.

At home, I get to work about 0700hrs for PT and I'm in the office about 0830hrs. I leave work at about 1630hrs 5 days a week.

In the Army here in lovely Afghanistan we get about 6 hours sleep. So, if you are out of patrol all night you will get up about noon. But if you are on the FOB you will get up about 0500-0600 depending on your unit. Back in the states its about the same.

In garrison, I'm up at 0430. I won't usually get home till about 1900 (on a good day).

Here in Iraq, I'm up around 0700, but won't be able to go to sleep till around 2400.

My husband wakes up every day at 0500, ready and out the door at 0530 to be sure to be there early in case any one needs anything. PT starts at 0630, over at 0730. Work at 0930, COB formation at 0430. That is the garrison schedule, and all that goes out the window on deployments. He is an 88M (a trucker) so his schedule is very irratic (but no mandated PT).

i wish i had this option to ask before i joined...i seriously had a rude freakin awakening when i went to basic, SO...if you are NOT a morning person and it is a particularly important trait to you, do not join any branch of service because they make you work THE worst hours possible.

They wake up long before even one rooster crows.

Cloth on Bum, Breastmilk in Tum!
It depends on what needs to be done that day. Today hubby was up and gone by 5:30. Some mornings its as early as 3:00, and one morning last week they kept them so late and needed them in so early that he never even came home!

Husband gets up at 0445 for PT and comes home from work sometime between 1900 and 2100. (That's a non-deployment schedule. By the looks of the other answers around here, he really ought to reconsider his MOS. LOL)

Michael A
depends when i have to work if i work at 6am i get up at 5am, unless something is planed early we can sleep like a normal person

Ft Knox, KY 0430
Ft Leonard wood, MO 0500
Cap Swampy,(OOps ..Ft Stewart, GA) 0500

Get the idea. If you like astronomy, you'll enjoy getting up before dawn to see the sun rise.

they are only obligated to give you 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep.... do you think the enemy attacks at 9 am? The majority of attacks come sunset or sunrise.... which means you have to get up early to send the fanatic back to allah... I slept with my boots on and rifle in my hand.

joshua b
depends of you MOS

i work 0730 - 1630 with weekends off

but if you work swing or night it depends

It's just like any other job out there... just depends on what your are going to do for the next day and what exactly you are doing in the personnel department. O yeah, and if you have to do the PT thing. SO I guess most likely, it'll be earlier then the normal civilian work force.

in boot camp lights at 0400-2000 lights out plus one our duty every 3 nights mct lights at 0400 or 0430- 2200 or 2300 lights out plus 2 our duty every 2 or 3 nights mos training lights 0500 or 0530- work day ends at 1630 lights out 2200 0200 on the weekend lights out no revelerie 2 or 4 hour duty shifts every 3 days fleet lights at 0500-0600 work day ends at 1630 2200 lights out duty once a month 12-24 hour shift

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