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How much sleep do you get in Army Basic Training?
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How much sleep do you get in Army Basic Training?

I'm confident I'll make it through the yelling, following orders and physical training but I've always been a giant wuss when it comes to sleep. If I have only a couple of hours a night, I start to lose my mind a little bit and can't function. Is there any free time in between drills or after meals in which one could sneak an hour of sleep? I'm also a very light sleeper, are the barracks filled with 18 year old kids talking or loud snoring? I know it will be tough in many other ways but this is honestly my main concern.


Michael S
There are two things that Boot Camp definitely cures. One is being a picky eater and the other is being a light sleeper. You learn to sleep when you can, even if it's with your eyes open while standing in line. There were plenty of times where I was so tired that 10 minutes felt like hours. Don't worry, you get use to it.

Politically Wrong
Roughly 6 hours....7days a week, for 13 weeks ( USMC) It also depends on watch status and chores or studying, you may need to catch up on. No naps of free time during the day..when you are not training you will be marching, drilling, PT, and standing at attention.
If you dont do well on a few hours of sleep, what would you do in War, when you may be awake for 36 hrs at a time???? If snoring bothers you, can you imagine the sound of gunfire and explosions?? can really mess up a nights sleep.
Might want to consider a security officers job at the mall

As much as you need - no where as near as much as you want

Wayne C
Prior to Al Gore inventing the Internet so millions might see your question the response from a vet might be a cold stare followed by some swearing. Prior to the concept of being politically correct a reference to the female anatomy would be used.
Stop whining and either go or don't go.

SSG US Army 73-82

A big Semper Fi to politically wrong

When I went through basic I probably got about 5 hours of sleep. The sleep is pretty much substituted with the amount that you eat, which probably comes out to 3-4k calories a day. I don't really recall snoring being a problem.

Dale S
I have to agree with all who have answered before me. However, I can add some advice: sit down whenever you have the chance, if there's room lay down, and if you know there will be 15 minutes or more of downtime between training sessions, sleep. this advice will be good the entire time you are in the army.

98G retired

It's part of the process. Some parts of the training will involve things that you need to be able to do in your sleep to survive when you need them.

Don't worry about it too much. Your body will learn to sleep more efficiently in time.

Rest assured you are not the only one to have these concerns. Heck, you're not even the first one to post them here.

My Drill Sgt told us we could sleep when we Die

Jaleem H
Not enough. By law you are given 5 hours a night, but 1 hour of that is devoted to fire watch. During FTX's youll get even less.

The government is only required to give you 4 hours a day of rest. I got about 6 in basic training, you will find places to sleep when you get a chance. At night, everyone wants to go to sleep at "lights out." I wished I had gotten more, but you get use to it.

After basic, it was up to me to go to sleep and wake up by a certain time.

When I was in, it was 6 1/2 hrs a nite.
Believe me, after "lights out" there was very little talking.
There is very little time for naps, occasionally, 10-15 minutes, but that's about it.
Guess what most of us did weekends?. sleep!

You will be lucky to get 5 hours per night at the absolute most.

Kevin P
Very little, sleep deprivation is a form of artificial stress used on recruits. It's tough, but bearable for most.

very little. In basic training you never get enough sleep or enough to eat.


If you like sleep DON'T join the Navy. When I went through boot camp (recruit training) was 11 weeks 7 days a week (no weekends off). We were scheduled 6 hours a night. But 1-2 hours a night is a watch 6 times a week. If you are not a strong swimmer, or dont do well on the little military history exams you will get up 2 hrs early for extra instruction, knocking your night's sleep to 3 hours at some point. There are ZERO opportunities for naps. And if you start dozing and don't want to get in SERIOUS trouble, you stand up (if you aren't al ready standing) in the back of whatever room you are in. This is the ONLY acceptable remedy for sleepiness /exhaustion. This sleep deprivation is what weeds out the people who can really serve at sea. I don't know about the Army. Perhaps the air Force is a little better about sleep, but don't count on it. The Air Force is no joke.

I was in Basic at Ft. Jackson, S.C. in 1991 and we were lucky to get 4 or 5 hours a night. Take away one hour for fire guard duty. 3 hours a night. When its lights out, no one is yelling or talking, everyone is sleeping. lol Just hope your buddy doesn't snore. You will most likely be in a barracks with 60 other guys. You just have to get used to it.

Good Luck!

I'm afraid you're going to have to find a way to deal with it; you'll be getting on average five to six hours of sleep a night; and on some nights, four or less--not including the nights you have to pull CQ or fireguard duty, where you stay up all night. That said, you also have to contend with the turds who insist on staying up later into the night talking or goofing off, depending on how lax the drill sergeant is... that, and some of the loudest snoring you'll ever hear. I'd suggest you learn to become a heavy sleeper, if at all possible... Basic ain't fun for light sleepers. Oh, and don't count on the catnaps. The drill sergeants will have your rear for breakfast if they see you snoozing somewhere when you're not actually in bed.

the d

Just go and get a job or got to college or do both,

they are going to send your @ss over to Iraq, VERY good chance of it happening,

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