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How old do you have to be to sign up for any branch of the military?
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How old do you have to be to sign up for any branch of the military?

I have a son that is military bound..by his own choice. He has attitude and responsibility problems. Blames all his mistakes on everyone else.Would the military be a good choice or ..........?


Jeff K
Ah yes, I know the type well. :)

The military can be a good choice for a personality-type such as that, however, the military, as any total -life-changing experience, is only as good as you make it. If he goes in with an open mind, keeps his mouth shut and his eyes open, and has his horizons broadened, then he has an excellent chance at achieving that extra step of growing up into a more mature adult. However, if he goes in with the mind-set that everything is gonna be his way or no way... well.. I've seen plenty of guys get discharged, or even sent to the brig for insubordination for such behavior. Not saying that this could happen to your son... but... he REALLY has to make sure that this is A. what he wants, and B. what he is prepared to sacrifice of himself over. The one term that I can attribute my years in the military was just that... sacrifice. I gave of my time, my beliefs, my intellect, my body, my heart... everything. I lost, and I gained more back in it's place. So.... the short answer is... the military can be good... if he's ready to accept the responsibility of being a good serviceman. :)

As for the age factor... I believe that you can sign up as early as 16 (maybe 17).. with a delayed enlistment until the 18th birthday. Unless you have special waivers, and signed documents from parents and everyone under the sun, the military generally won't accept anyone under the age of 18 into active duty. Once you get past 18.. and preferably out of high school... then you're extremely desireable to them.

Hope this helps. If any other questions feel free to message me directly. :)

18 i think

beth l
You don't say how old he is...My husband and I met at military school in Roswell NM. It is called New Mexico Military Institute. They have a 4 yr high school and 2 yr collage program. You may want to try something like this before you go full out in the military. He can come home if he hates the school. I think once you join the military for REAL it is pretty hard to get out unless you do something wrong and that will stay with you for life.

Email if you want info on NMMI

As a draftee in the last contrived war (Vietnam), I think you should ask the question, "How smart do you have to be to join any military controlled by the idiot currently sitting in The White House ?".

A Guy
Agreed. You can be killed walking home from the library. I would go so far as to say that young men and women fresh from HS who serve in the military for a while are much safer in the long-run than those who do not. The military instills discipline, responsibility and accountability, something that is entirely lacking in the all-knowing, invincible teenagers fresh from HS. I think your son has probably made one of the most mature choices he could make. While he may not want to admit it, a portion of his choice to enter the military is because he recognizes his flaws and seeks a way to better himself. How mature! You should be very proud of your son. Thank you for raising such a young man.

james m
18 years old. The military would do him good. it will teach him responsibility; for his own actions and to those around him.

Oh! The Humanity!
In the United States, 17 years old with the parents' permission...18 without.

18 and it would be a good choice for any young man or woman
he will put the things of childhood behind him..He will get a chance to serve his country..and protect the freedoms that we enjoy because of other young 18 years olds- who joined to defeat America's enemies...he can make no better choice..he will be transformed into new person..one who understands that God favors this country...but only as long as BRAVE men protect it..

He will learn responsiblity..and take to heart his faults and shortcomings.All that will be torn down and the adult man built up...you will love him for it...he will be proud of himself for doing it. Our country will be grateful for his service..


18, i think some you can be 17

17 with parental consent. You can join the army reserves at the age of 16 with parental consent. The military will quickly adjust his attitude, but might not work on the responsibility issue.

military would be a BAD choice for him. he could get himself killed. Why not a job???

He should investigate what he will get out of the military, but he has to be 18 to join up.

military is a good choice
17 years with a parents signature
18 otherwise
must be a high school graduate

starting over
My son grew up in the Navy, I could not and still can not believe how he changed.

I think it is a great choice.

You must be 18, I assume he has graduated or will graduate from HS.

In response to the comment about him getting kill, just a few months before my son left for the Navy, 2 friends of his died, in a car accident on the way home from a family reunion.

You can get killed anywhere, and the statistically the way teens drive, especially males, I think the military is safer.

i joined when i was 17 with diploma and parental consent

You have to be at least 18. And i and you have to take a series of test. And score a certain number on it. The numbers vary it depends on which branch you are trying to go to. and you have to pass a physical. And if you son goes to the military believe me he won't have attitude and responsibility problems. And yes the military is a good idea. Remember you get a bonus and you can pick a job and go to school for free. Free housing, food, and you get paid twice a month. can't get any better than that. Just tell him to really think about it, it's a big step to take. It;s four or more years of your life away from family, friends and the surroundings that he is use to. Just think. But it is a good responsible decision to make.

sandy c
my son enlisted in the delayed entry program when he was 17, he was a senior in HS, he had to have my signature of course, but he had known for years that was what he wanted. he has been in boot camp now, for 2 1/2 weeks, he is still 17, won't be 18 till Sept.

17 w/parents permission, 18 otherwise. tell your son to get a job and maybe he'll learn something about responsibility. i wouldn't want to have my life rely on an irrisponsible smart-alec with a gun. Him in the military right now = bad idea.

18. but if your 17 and have your diploma and parents permission you can get in too.

I believe the military would be a good choice. It will teach him responsibility. Something it sounds like he's lacking. And they'll straighten up his attitude problem.

17 is the youngest if the parents sign. the military will straighten him out fast as well as his team mates especially in boot camp. screw ups got blanket parties and *** beattings if they thought they were better than everyone esle.

Ken W
You have to be 18 to sign up for the military.

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