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How should i start my letter to a soldier in Afghanistan?
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How should i start my letter to a soldier in Afghanistan?


My roommates husband is a Marine and just returned from his deployment. His most cherished thing anyone told him in a letter was that they were proud of him. I would start the letter with asking how they are doing, and proceed to tell them that you are proud of what they are doing for our country. I know they will really appreciate that.

Dear Hero: Thank you for defending what so many take for granted. Thank you for defending those that despise you for defending them.

Stephen T
Thank your for defending our freedom and putting yourself in harm's way to protect us.

Sarah A
THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Troop,
Let me start by saying, I think you're a very brave, courageous, and selfless person. I pray for you at night, and hope your okay...

Write to them like you we're having a conversation! Just be normal and ask them how they are, or say something funny, they just like to hear normal things that remind them of being back home.Treat them like you've been friends forever.

Proud Army Wife

Hollywood Prod.
How are do doing my friend

Hi, and first off let me say thank you....(you got the idea)......and by the way...Thank you for writing them...

you know it's true
make it light hearted if you don't know them
something like
hey hey! how's it going?!

make it fun, they put up wiht too much seriousness to begin with!

I'd start out by saying "thank you so much for serving our country and protecting it's people". I wouldn't ask what it's like there or how they are or anything like that. They usually don't want to talk about that stuff.

From myself, and all the people who would write to you if they knew they could, and for all those lives you honor with your own........

Thank you

Lindsey H
Sir/M'am, thank you for serving my country. Thanks for all you've done overseas. I look up to you as a hero.

Dear Hero, one of the saviors of our country.

.Hope this helps x


"Dear Soldier,

I just want to thank you for your service."...

You should be able to take it from there! Remember to have fun with it, besides a thanks, I am sure they also appreciate things that are funny. I bet with all that sand and military life, they probably like a little reminder about life back home.

If you are still having problems, there are some sample letters at the page below.

Dear Sir...

Dear .....,

I have a best friend who is overseas in Afghanistan right now, and sure we have facebook to talk on, but sometimes letters help too. I always just start with Hey how are you? Then go into something about the weather, or if they know your family, throw in some things that you guys have been doing.... I know it helps him because it reminds him of being home. Also, throw in some memories you have of the two of you... Once you begin writing, everything just starts to fall into place. Also, I always end my letter with Keep your head up hun, and don't forget about all of us back home that can't wait for your return. Stay safe, and see you soon!

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