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How soon after my husband gets out of Basic Training will he be stationed or deployed somewhere?
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How soon after my husband gets out of Basic Training will he be stationed or deployed somewhere?

He is joining the Air Force through the DEP. The recruiter said he will be stationed somewhere immediately after training and then cannot be deployed for 20 months after that, but I know they sometimes stretch the truth... How likely is it that he will get deployed straight out of training? Please help!!
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I meant after tech school... also, his 'job' is aircraft mechanic. Thanks


After he graduates tech school, he will go to his first duty station. As someone mentioned above, the 20 month thing is false. He can be deployed at any time after being processed into his base. But many units will give their new troops time to learn their jobs and take their Career Development Course before deploying. But that's up to his chain of command. As for how long before he deploys, no one can say. Its up to the deployment rotations and his job.


No. He can get deployed as soon as he get his permenant duty station. He will go to BCT, then he will go to his MOS (job training). During the MOS training he will list his Dream Sheet picks (in a perfect world where he would like to go- don't plan on actually getting any of his choices). Then he will be given his first duty station before he graduates MOS school.

Depending on the cycle of deployments he could be deployed the month he gets there or a year later. Chances are he will get at least 6 months before he is deployed.

~soldier girl~
im in the army i got out of ait march 4th and im deploying to Iraq in august so i dont know how things are there but if your stationed with a unit thats leaving soon you go, there are several people from my ait that are also deploying soon so it doesnt take long if they need you

Michelle S
He has to go to A school of some sort after basic training, and he can go anytime they call his unit

a good army wife
He will be stationed immediately after training. Deployed I'm not sure of. But anything is possible.

Recruiters can't be completely trusted. I was deployed 12 days after reporting to my first duty station

Mr Puma
He will have to attend a school after basic so he can get trained in his job.

Kathryn V
My husband went from basic to tech school and from tech school to remote tour. He will be know where his first station will be a few weeks before they graduate tech school. Good luck!


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