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If I become a E-1 in the army how much will I get paid?
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If I become a E-1 in the army how much will I get paid?

I already know its 1,399.50 for basic pay
I heard there's Housing Allowance, Duty Pay, and other stuff.


BAH or a housing allowance if you are married. BAS if you authorized which at training you will not be since there is a DFAC. Seperation pay if married.

BAH will depend on the zip code of your dependents till you get to your permanent duty station.

Staci L
This link will give you information on all the pay stuff :)


hakkı S
us army salary is same in other forces such as marines us navy air force the fact that when you begin with e-1 you only earn about 1400 the soldier who has e-1 rank can not get allowances for housing you only start with basic pay which is not great even they give you a meal card to eat meals...

you basically get paid an extra $800 on top of that for Uniforms, food and necessities, and housing.
But that's just in the Air Force, i think Army gets a little more, especially with your signing bonus.

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