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If I join the National Guard, will I be deployed to Iraq?
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If I join the National Guard, will I be deployed to Iraq?

I'm considering the National Guard to ensure some long term security for my family. I understand I will go to basic training, and be stationed somewhere in the country...but I'm not keen on the idea of going to Iraq. What am I looking at for my short and long term future? I have a fiance and 2 children, and would like to stay as close to them as possible, at least within the country until they can move with me.

Any insight you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Answers based on knowledge or experience only please.


If you join now you need to face the reality that you will be deployed at some point in your six year initial enlistment - if you aren't willing or able to deploy than you shouldn't join. It's as simple as that. You are looking at a military that is and has been on a war footing for some time.

George K
There is always a chance of being deployed overseas, and you usually have very little control over where you go.

Most likely is that IF your unit is deployed, you probably won't be in too much danger.

I would hate to know that a wife was widowed and that children lost their father, for this reason, I wouldn't take any chances with the military (cuz its always wildard with them) If I was a father and a husband. It's up to you though.

By the way I am also joining the military soon (USMC), I hope that I never have to make a descision such as this.

Try praying to God, He's helped me a few times.

yes,you will be deployed somewhere.

You most certainly can and probably will be deployed in the Guard. My best advice would be.. if you don't want to be deployed overseas or be away from your family, then you probably shouldn't join the military. Someone who joins the military is one who is ready to serve their country at any time, no matter where it might be.

My husband and I have 4 children. He's in the Guard and is currently deployed 'over there'. He's been gone for almost a year now and still has a few months to go. He hates being away from his family and hates being away from home. But he's a soldier and he knows that his country needs him too. He's a soldier and someone has to do it!!

You really need to research some of the planned upcoming military events...there are things far worse than Iraq...I am the daughter of a Marine and have 2 brothers who are Marines...but this is a time to be very careful and really learn about who the government is before you sign up.

I admire your patriotism and desire to care for your family...Spend a couple weeks really researching the government, military operations, history of the country, and the current issues. If you look for the truth, you will find it.

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