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If Marines are called Jarheads what are the Army and the Navy guys called?
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If Marines are called Jarheads what are the Army and the Navy guys called?

I've heard that the Army guys are called "Grunts", why?


First of all, lets get something straight, the Terms; Grunt, Dogface, Jarhead, Leatherneck, Squid and any other Term used to describe Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines, are terms of endearment and should only be used by other Vets. Second, if you are not a Vet, shut the hell up about these terms, for you do not have the right to use them. No matter what Branch we served in, Vets all agree on that. Civilians are not welcome to those terms.

Army - Dog Faces, Grunts (from WW2)
Navy - Squids (From WW2)
Marines - Jarheads, Leathernecks (From WW2(?))
Air Force - Fly Boys (From Vietnam)

briang731/ bvincent
Infantry men are grunts whether they're army or Marines. One slang used to refer to soldiers (army) is Dogface. The navy enlisted personnel (Sailors) are often called Swabees, or Anchor clankers, or weenie cleaners. Hell, there are probably a dozen more that will appear before everyone answers.

Army guys have been called grunts [infantryman] and dogfaces, Navy guys have been called squids.

grunts and squids

Marc h
Intelligent by comparison. Grunt has a lot to do with "Nam and humping through the boonies. Try carrying 80 pounds on your back and in a sorry designed rack. Listen for what you say. Easy.

Army ~~Dogfaces, GI, Soldiers,
Navy ~~ Saliors, Squids,Swabbies
Air Force~~ Flyboys
Marine~~ Leatherneck, Devil Dog,

Rich S

Drop Zone
Army Dogs (or dogface) and Navy Squids. A grunt is an Infantry Soldier specifically - because the carry the brunt of the Army mission - and grunt alot when doing it, but a dogface is any generic Army Soldier.

Sailors are often called "Squids" after the sea creature. Soldiers are also called "Grunts:" which is a term used to describe any Infantryman...because he grunts a lot carrying a heavy load on his back. Other terms for Sailors are "Salts" and "Tars." Another for Soldiers are "Doughboys."

Havent you heard the old saying, the Army does the work, Marines get the name and Sailor's get the pay. Marines are known as Jarheads. Army is known as grunts or flat feet. Navy is known as Tarheels.

As an infantryman only Infantry are called Grunts. All other MOS's are called Pouges.

Rich B
I remember Army being called "Dogfaces" and Navy sailors were "Squids". Grunts...I recall it has a lot to do with the humping of packs through the jungle. They go about 40-50 pounds.

josh h
Grunt is used for all combat arms MOS's Army or Marines.

A few marines I know call Army and Navy guys "*******"

Grunt is a term for Infantryman only. Not anyone in combat arms. I would never call an Artilleryman a grunt, and he wouldn't call himself that either. Grunt is infantry.

someone that had Family in the Marines and Army and Navy
I am very PROUD of my family that served and still servin for Our Country and I have ask what and why they was called a Jarhead and all the other names.So thanks people for bein polite enough to answer. God Bless Our TROOPS

Hmm, nobody mention AirForce having the nickname Zoomies. Unless I missed it then nevermind me! This contribution by a young dogface who's proud of his zoomi pops and grunt grandpa :)

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