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If i join the Air Force, will i have to go to Iraq??
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If i join the Air Force, will i have to go to Iraq??

i want to join the military, and what i've read hear and heard from others, Air Force is the best one to join. As much as I love my country, i DO NOT want to go to Iraq lol. I was wondering if I join the AF, would I have to go to Iraq? If so, how long would I stay and what would I do there?
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i want to join because of the experience (not the fighting and risk getting injured experience) and to travel the world and all of the other good things that the military has to offer. the military isn't just for the people who want to fight, so dont judge me and think i'm bad because i don't want to go to Iraq. The military isn't just about fighting and wars, it's about alot of other things too.


alan r
usafbrat... good answer. When considering the odds of going to Iraq, the biggest factor I think is the job AFS you sign up for. I have been in the USAF since 1984. When I joined, I came in "open general" and so my ASVAB scores had a lot to do with the AFS (specialty) selection list (there were 10 to pick from). If you join "open general" and based on your ASVAB scores and the selection list you get during basic, odds are you can still pick a career that may not be in Iraq. Otherwise, be sure to get a "guaranteed job" in your enlistment contract prior to basic training.
Each AFS has considerations that may not be so apparent when talking to a recruiter. Check out this AFS for example: 2R1x1 Aircraft Maintenance Manager. Why? Aircraft assigned in the war mission are TDY transfer and typically don't have scheduled maintenance (scheduled maintenance is done prior to aircraft's TDY mission) and therefore, 2R1x1 "schedulers" are not much needed - because they schedule maintenance (scheduling doesn't schedule unscheduled maintenance). However, a very small percentage of this AFS' manning is still tasked for other jobs that may or may not be related to AFS' core job description.

Personally, I think that you might not be a good candidate for the USAF or DOD (sorry, just my opinion and not the USAF's). Part of being a good soldier or airman is taking the assignment and doing the best that you can with it regardless of where you go. Service before self.

"The Air Force bases these core competencies and distinctive capabilities on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. The Air Force bases these core competencies and distinctive capabilities on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. "

I'm Ayers best friend
WOW, what kind of "good" do you want to do for your country?? Sorry, I missed that....

Depends upon the career field. Some careers never deploy, others deploy constantly, and others deploy constantly but to areas outside of Iraq.
Time in Iraq could be 4 months to 1 year.
Job...depends upon your career field. Lots of trans folk and security forces! Aircraft and maintainers are generally deployed to the region, but not incountry.

elevated - verfĂĽhrung
Then dont join the military. We are fighting and thats pretty much the job description.

No matter what branch you join. It is always a possibility. You have no say in whether you go or not. Maybe you should find another career path.

Kat R
Any branch of the military you get into your gonna sometime or another have to go fight in Iraq, its just whats going on now.

You would more than likely be doing stuff that you pick as a career in the military, and as far as staying out there, there is no real answer to that, I've heard 16 months, but some are being made to stay longer. So you never know.

your scared aren't you?

then why would you decide to enlist in the Air Force..then be a coward about it?

think about WHY you want to join the Air Force.
The Navy is better though.

Guessses, A.R.T.
You go where you are told to go.

There is a very high probability that you WILL be sent to Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else that the
US Air Force is positioned at. You WILL GO wherever the US Air Force says that you'll go to
and absolutely NO questions asked!!!!!!

You're going. Its just a choice of whether you are going to be there for 4-15 months. All services are there.

dont listen to any of these the AF dont go INTO iraq or the AF doesnt go INTO combat people...im an AF spouse and my husband is about to go on his 4th iraq tour....2 8 months, 1 12 month.and this one will be another 12 months...and he HAS been in combat, doing convoy ops with the army. as a matter of fact since sept 11th hes never stayed out of the middle east longer than 8 months. so it will depend on your job...you could get lucky and do 3 months in kuwait.but you could do 12 months in the middle of baghdad sorry to tell you.

Yes, you will most likely go. However for the AF in Iraq, think of a football game. The AF are like the guys sitting on the bench. They're on the field and now and then the ball may fly out of bounds at them, but for the most part they're just off doing their own thing until half-time is called.

Ricco J
By the time you complete your processing and training here, I think the need for troops in Iraq would have diminished greatly.

The odds of you ending up there if you haven't even joined yet are very slim. You'll probably end up doing a tour somewhere else...

bike eeter
yes of course you have a chance of going.

All soldiers duty is to defend their nation and its interests if your not ready to do that then you are not ready to join.

you want to travel the world, isnt iraq part of that? really u see some **** most people dont. its still a good experience. but it depends on ur job if u goto iraq or not. the desert yes for sure. remember that inside the wire.. its fairly a safe place...

Miss K
The AF IS the best one to join if you want to be a civilian playing dress up. Going to war is a risk you take by joining. If you want "experience" go join the peace corp or something. The military doesnt need any more weenies who file as conscientous objectors or bad mouth their country.

matt mcd
I would say that there is a good chance you will end up in Iraq and an even better chance that you will be sent to Afghanistan, tours of duty usually last 6 months! i think. I have applied to join the Army (Scots Guards) and after initial fears about going overseas to fight, i got over it. I quickly realised that it will be my job and hat i will be highly trained to handle myself in any situation.
I think for a conclusive answer you need to be speaking to a recruitment officer at your local AFCO (Armed Forces Careers Office). Good luck in whatever you do buddy.

Edit- I would sincerely hope that no-one is judging you, after all you have decided to join up which is a really hard decision to make. I echo the comments of a couple of the people on here that pointed out to you that you WILL be sent on tour. I understand that you want to gain valuable life experience, a trade and 'see the world' but you have to realise that the trade off for all that good stuff is doing a tour of duty in whatever god forsaken hell hole they want to send you to. I don't want to sound too harsh but ou may want to grow up a little if you think that you are so special that they will let you get away with not 'serving your country', after all thats what you're really there for. I'll say it again, good luck in whatever you choose to do.

Will you have to go to Iraq? If you get orders and your job is needed over there then yes you will HAVE to go. But chances are you may not be in a combat situation (ie you having to shoot someone & someone shooting at you) you will be in a combat zone, so theres the chance someone is going to try to hurt you and you can't do anything about it. (My own experience we landed at an airfield in Iraq, while we were unloading the cargo the base came under mortar attack we had to evacuate the airplane & go into a shelter ...it was over pretty quick...we then fired up the jet, got out of "Dodge" & headed to Spain for some beers & pitchers of Sangria)
As for how long you'll be there, depends again on your job could be anything up to 4 or 6 months. And while you're there you'll do whatever job you've been trained to do & hopefully for you it's inside the fence instead of outside of it.

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