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If signing up for the Air Force, how long does it take until you start training?
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If signing up for the Air Force, how long does it take until you start training?


I'm considering enlisting in the Air Force. I have a college degree and have been told that I would start as an officer. My question is: once you sign up, how long does it take before anything starts happening (training, boot camp, whatever). I have been living with my parents for almost a year now and would really like to get out ASAP if I join.

Also, what is the basic process once you sign up?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

(ps: i do plan to talk to a recruiter soon, i just figured i'd ask here first.)


Joey schultz
I signed up in Feb for the air force took the written test and waiting the for the next step which is the physical, it has been 3 months, it seem it is taking a very long time for this to happen. Please let me know what I should do to get this procces going.

It can be as soon as 2 weeks if you go in as "Open General" or up to 6 months to a year if you have guaranteed job and go into "DEP" (Delayed Enlistment Program).

Your first step is to find a recruiter. You can't really plan on doing anything until you have taken the ASVAB and know your score. As your score determines what jobs are available to you. Also, your health and wellness also determines what jobs you can get.

You can have a high IQ but have poor eyesight and be short and not be allowed to be a pilot or work with electrical wires and circuits.

So the ASVAB and your Physical Health Exam are the most important things you have to pass well to get a good career choice in any military branch. Hopefully you already have a H.S. Diploma or a GED and no past criminal convictions.

Manpower at Randolph AFB, TX is constantly balancing Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC's). Various openings occur all the time but the ship dates coincide with 6 weeks at Basic + the length of the Technical School, plus leave and travel time. Example: let's use today's date --4/18/09. If the AF needs 6 Airman (3 Level) Computer Specialists at bases during Nov/Dec 09 time frame. these dates may ship during May/June 09. That's 6 weeks for Basic, then 16 weeks at Tech School and 4 weeks for leave time and to report at the first permanent base of assignment. Bottom line, I saw some jobs ship in a week and others not leave for 9 months. Each contract is different. You should have given the AF guys at MEPS your availability dates the day you took your physical. Good luck and aim high!

well i suggest you start talking to the recruiter as soon as possible i mean if u really want to get out of your parents as soon as possible.
the sign up process takes a couple of weeks but the waiting to ship out to boot camp take months, it all depends.

1. You can get the earliest ship date you want. If you want you can get one within a few months of enlistment. The Army does quickshipping (shipping within a couple weeks), but I am not sure if the USAF does.

2. You wont start as an officer. You start as enlisted. You will have to go through some Officer Candidate School (OCS), what ever the USAF calls it.

3. Signing up is the same for pretty much every branch. You deal with security clearances if you need them. You sign medical forms, saying you are fit and do not have certain diseases and disorders. You choose your MOS. etc. After you enlist at MEPS, you pretty much dont do anything until training, unless you are assigned to a reserve unit, in which you drill with them until you ship.

good luck with your enlistment.

dj conman
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