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If the United States were to go to war with China today, who would win?
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If the United States were to go to war with China today, who would win?


China: Population: 1,306,313,812
United States — Population: 295,734,134

Need I say more?

bin ladin will be the winer
both countries will be week

the US military would prevail. But the US economy would take an enormous hit. Neither side would want to go to war because the countries are so interdependent.

The United States militarily, but the Chinese have us economically. It was not a bright idea to outsource most of our manufacturing in Asia. Push comes to shove, the Chinese stop shipments to America and we're SCREWED.

But all we need to do to stop the Chinese, knowing nukes won't be used unless necessary, is park a few aircraft carriers in the sea and launch fighters against them. Add the stealths and whatnot, and it's over.

China will loose and US economy will come down to the state, when it was 30 years ago

Such a war would certainly go nuclear and hence there wont be any victor...
Who wins just Depends on who launches the nuclear strike first...

Not only does China make everything we buy, they also have been stockpiling US currency for a long time. If they flooded the market with it, that would also cripple our economy. It's sad that China has been testing the US like this over Taiwan. Way to go Bush! They wouldn't even have what it takes to question us if we hadn't been selfishly indulging ourselves with all that walmart and free trade. We messed up, even though we can win the war, it wouldn't be easy. Just look at Iraq! We've been nothing but short-sighted and greedy for years now, and it's not just war that can shove it back in our face.

Usa probaly so what there military is almost twice as big as ours
People's Republic of China [1] 2,500,000 1.91
2 United States [2] 1,420,483 4.76

But we have a way more advanced equipment and we would kill them in the air and sea Considering our airforce and navy are like triple the size of thiers and 5x more advanced all we'd have to do is Use the navy to keep them from coming to us bomb the crap out of them from the skies untill there very weak then send in the ground troops to finish up the job.

The united states has the military capability to dismantle china with a quickness. We have passed the time in history where a superior population meant victory. The Chinese navy doesn't even have the capability to make it into us waters, against our navy. The Chinese Army has no means to transport to US soil. So it would be a question of how long we had to bomb china before they surrendered. Also, don't forget, there are a LOT of Chinese that don't want to be communist, which provides for the US a capability such as we had in Afghanistan. A local Army, that we need only arm and provide air support for. Economically, it would be awesome for America. Without china supplying all of our goods, Thousands of entrepreneurial united states citizens would rush to fill the gap and employ just about every American to provide these goods. As well, china holds a vast portion of the US national debt, that we could then not have to pay . When it was over, there would be a free Taiwan, a free Tibet, and a democratic CHINA, that no longer had a population problem.

Today . . China, we are dedicated to afganistan and iraq with out military assets and China would launch an asian style attack on americas west coast, and of course the nuclear thing and the economics thing hangs in the balance, NATO would join us, Russia would probably join china, india and pakistan would see this as a shot . .

I think this is the classic world war 3 scenario where everyone would be afraid of nuclear attack.

The point about economics is all well and good, but a war with such a major power . . . we'd be spending years rebuilding the peace and the economies of both nations.

Communist or otherwise, America doesn't want to go to war with China, even if we won, it would be at such a cost. China must feel the same way.

An American war with China would inevitably result in World War 3. America would require her European, Canadian, Australian, and other allies for support as China would undoubtedly be supported by her powerful allies Russia and North Korea. Also, Iran is an allie of Russia and, along with Iran's Arabic allies, would undoubtedly join the fray. Your looking at a war of epic proportions with prospective casualties possibly exeeding that of World War 2. Though, following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, America is labeled as the "world's only superpower"; we are still able to be defeated under a Communist - Arabic coalition of their most powerful nations. The war would be catastrophic, the casualties would be dire, and in the darkest days of the conflict it will be made apparent that we could possibly be defeated. I do not believe that either side would resort to using nuclear arms, as this would certainly end in virtual annihilation of all sides. Regardless of who ultimately wins, the econmies of countries the world over would be devastated. There would be no more "superpower" in the sense that we know it.

Most likely China, since the Republicans outsourced all the labor the communists in China. These Chinese are not stupid, they are very brilliant as a fact. When they made the population rules about baring children. This has created a society of "Geniuses," with only one child per family. They are still communist and why are we involved with communists in the first place? That's why they, the communists, can produce merchandise and material at a lower cost. They have most of our technology now, and in the old days this would have been called treason to share technology with the enemy. A lot of people were executed for sharing secrets with the enemy in the past. This no different, and if we piss them off they will just take what is in their country, and tell the U.S., to just go away. We could never fight them. Are you so "BLIND TO GREED" that you can't see that the Republicans are just lining their pockets and only care about money, they don't care where it comes from, or how they make it. There is no "INTEGRITY" as an American to any of this. "OH" and I wanted to add to the boy above, BUSH has separated us from our Allies, so no we don't right now. Foriegn policy is out the door, with our present "DICTATORSHIP" here in America, thats why Bush is afraid!

RudieCan't Fail
No one would win... except the war profiteers who will milk money from it like they are in Iraq right now.

Always follow the money.

In all out-open warfare i would say the USA,
also i might add that it would not just be the USA against China,
Everyone seems to forget that the USA has allies, even though they don't always agree on little issue's.
We would always be there for the important issue's.

China will win

Probably China by a landslide. Since they make just about everything we own, they'd just cut off production to us. That would cripple our economy so bad they could just walk right in.

No Body ever wins a war

Only children and Soldiers know the full horrors of war

united states
we'd shoot them asians up

easy we would cause in the army we are brought up to never quit and never miss a shot cause were the US *****


Victor Bout
US with it's high tech military could destroy the Chinese military from the air, but we could never take the ground... FYI, North Korea is the ones we should worry about...

Actually I believe China would, for simply we do not know what arsenal, and they a big army. They can send waves and waves of infantry, and they do have a massive armour corp.really the air force, and navy are big, but what they contain is still really unknown.

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