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If you join the marines, or army do you get to choose and MOS?
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If you join the marines, or army do you get to choose and MOS?

If so are there any in specfic where your in charge of testing, or operating weapons(small arms, HM guns...), like a weapons seargent, and how can you get this postion?


blase' blahhh
you get a choice of three, except the third one they choose for you (and then guess which one you get?). Unless you go in with college, or completely fail the asvab, you are going to the infintry or artillery. The scenario...

you say- -I want to work with computers
he says - -great we need computer operators who sit at a desk in the A/C all day.. what else?
you say - - I want to be a weapons tester!
he says - -great, we need those too... BUT, you are gonna have to put infintry as your third choice, but don't worry!!1 I am sure you will get the other two with out a problem!!

They claim in their ads that people can name their MOS however that is not entirely true. If they need grunts they manage to flunk you out of the school and then they stick your butt in the grunts. A weapons Sargent!! You haven't made PVT. yet!!

Not really.

They assess you.

They decide what you would be good at.

They send you to where they think you'll be good at doing it.

Once you've been in thar a while, tho, you may get the oppertunity to train in the fields you desire, and then the oppertunity to transfer to an appropiate position.

I got to chose my MOS in the Army
I wanted to be on the M1 tanks, so I became a Armor Crew Member.
At my second duty station, I became an "Armorer." I was in charge of $8.3M in weapons. Issued weapons, fixed weapons, went to the firing range all the time to oversee. fired weapons, etc..

Perro De Lava
I dont know what these people are talking about when they say no you cant pick your job???...yes, if you score well enough for your desired MOS then you have it guaranteed...The MOS in the Marines that you want is "ARMOR"..if you meet the requirements then you can have it in a contract..I speak for the USMC only..

yes there is you would be in charge of cleaning, testing and stock of weapons, it is a very low rank and most people call it being in the cage, but hey some ppl like it

Big Fella
You can choose an MOS, but you still have to test for it in order to get into that field. Right now in the military you are going to be getting extensive infantry training, so your MOS may be communications, but you will be a grunt. Hope this helps!!!

When you join they give you an aptitude test first, and then you can choose your MOS based on how you did on the test. The higher you score on the test the more options you will have. How to get a specific job would be something to ask a recruiter about.

Yes and no.

If you score well enough on the asvab test you do. I was able to choose any MOS I wanted, back in the day, but some people are limited by their scores. I think need in the job area comes into play sometimes as well.

I got my first choice.

Tim H
In the Army yes. But that is conditional on your ASVAB score and availability of the MOS. Now a days recruiters in your home town can sign you up for the MOS you qualify for before you ever go to MEPS.

no u don't have a choice i didn't when i was in...they promise you that u will get the mos u signed for,but sometimes it never happens.

Melanie P
I am in the Army and I got to choose my MOS, they gave me options that seemed more suited for my test score. Your ASVAB score my limit your choices though. MY advice is to got o goarmy.com and look at the MOSs that are out there and then take it to your recruiter and let them know what you want. If you don't have certain test scores some jobs may not be open to you.

Sally G
If you join the Marines or Army there is one thing you can be absolutely sure of....your butt is gonna be sitting in Iraq for a minimum of one year on, one year off.

The military will paint you a beautiful picture of what military life and benefits are going to be......and once you buy it, it's off to Iraq for you!!

Just a bit of info you should know in advance.

Duck Danger
It used to be based on two things. They would give you a list of jobs you qualified for based on your test scores and their needs at the time. Then you could pick from that list. Bur there was no guarantee, if a serious need arose, they could change your MOS while you were in boot camp.

But it has been quite a while since I was in the Corps, so things could have changed.

With the Army you do get a choice, with the Marines you don't. For the Army you would want to be a 45B.

Are you sure you wanna be a Marine? with all thats going on think about it and go from there. what the first answerer said is right the choose for you.

If you join and desire a specialty, make sure you get in writing from your recruiter.

Also, do research about the specialty you're requesting to make sure that it's actually the one you really want! Don't let the recruiter just tell you being a "Radioman" is what you want if your desire is to be in broadcasting dig it!

Because if your enlistment papers aren't specific, your specialty could wind up being whatever the service needs!

Nope, you can tell them where you'd like to be placed, but in the end it's up to tthem.
My aunt went into the army to be a nurse (she has her LPN) and they still trained her to become a mechanic!

Tira A
Just because you can 'Choose' doesn't mean yer gonna get what ya want. The end result will be first, how You can BEST SERVE THEM...the better your test results, the better your chances, after all, look at it from their point of view...you will of course want the best qualified for the job....and that is what you'll end up with. How you handle yourself, your drive to better your position will only speak well for you.

Sure you are gonna hear all the hell stories about people putting in for this and ending up w/ that, just keep in mind, you will want to know that those you work with are the best at what they do....no matter what you end up doing.

Education is the key...the more you have, the better your odds are.

NicksClicks01@yahoo.com : Happy!
whats MOS?

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