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Im 21.should i join the airforce??
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Im 21.should i join the airforce??

im 21 and joining the airforce and becoming a pararescue (and yes i have been accepted) is what i wanted to do sense ive been a little kid. i just havent done it yet but i dont know if i should.im in school but i think its just wasting my time.all i do is party and hook up with girls every weekend.im just confused and need a little advise.i wanna join but i dont want to lose the fun im having rightnow.


Well something else to add to your mix.

Have you thought about what you would do in the AF, if you didn't make it in para rescue ?

Would you want to serve in the AF as a jet engine mechanic ?

Lets throw a little reality in here, the majority of the people don't make it thru the para rescue pipeline.

Im not knocking you trying, more power to you, hope you make it.

But you also have to plan or atleast think about the next 4 or 6 years in the Air Force, as something other than para rescue.

So, if you are comfportable with giving para rescue your best shot, no matter what happens.

Then you should go for it.

Air force people party too, and just who do you think girls would wanna go out with more ?

Some out of shape civilan, or someone in near olympic shape ,para rescue specialist?

Hubert Field is on the Gold Coast, the best white sand beachs in america.

smellyfoot â„¢
The Air Force is a great place to go if you feel like you need some direction in your life. You can learn skills for your future and will become a more responsible, well rounded man. You also have opportunity to travel the world. And there is still time for some partying and girls.

Nothing lasts forever, my friend. Enlist now . . . while you still have your senses!

the service will give you structure and direction. Your wild days are coming to an end my friend.

do what best for you..

Get your head on straight and STAY IN SCHOOL. In my opinion, the military is best for people who have no other potential, academically. Im 21 and I joind the Army almost 4 yrs ago. I am barely starting school. I wish I would have just wwent to school instead of enlisting. Ive had great experiences but overall, a college degree will get you a lot further then being sent to Iraq like everyone else.

Just because you're 21 doesn't mean you have to "grow up" or join the military. Albeit I have seen quite a few 40 year olds in the military that still act like they're 12. It's a decision you need to make in regards to what you want out of life and when you want it.

Many people postpone a lot of things until later in life... including "growing up". I didn't get married until I was 42 (my first) and I still haven't technically "grown up". My responsibilities have changed as well as my attitude towards certain things... but I still rock climb, sky dive, SCUBA, Mt Bike and snowboard.

Age is just a number! And don't forget to put a helmet on that soldier, lmao!

wraeth - PHA
Your party life won't really change if the Air Force. lol so don't worry about it. only time you won't be able to is during initial training.

Craig P
Finish two years of college (or equivalent college credit hours) first so you can get an E-3 rank when you get out of basic training.
You will get more pay, more responsibility, and more respect from other enlisted / officers.
You only need like 60 credit hours. Then it will only take a couple of years to get your Bachelors when your enlistment ends. Speaking from experience-- USAF 4 Years, BS in Computer Science

you wont be young for ever - go do something with your life.

Para-rescue teams are really cool. Real life savers.

no, dont join any service, heres why

Having fun and serving in the air force are not mutually exclusive. As you grow more mature, a successful career and respectability will give you more satisfaction than hooking up and partying. You can still party and have fun, just in a more mature and controlled manner. Good Luck.

Life is about making sacrifices.

Will you lose out on partying and chasing women every weekend, yes... At least while you are in training. After that, you can go right back to doing that if you want (chasing women). It will only be different women in a different place.

If you're worried about losing your friends, well true friends will always be there for ya. Friends come and go.

So you have to ask yourself whats more important to YOU, not us... Going to school partying and chasing women, or serving your country and partying and chasing women.....

You should finish school first.

There is alot of partying and hooking up in the airforce. My ex husband was in the ariforce and we had parties every weekend with about 30 people. You wouldnt believe some of the stories i could tell you.

I was in the military for a few years. It's an experience which you will never have anywhere else. Your choice of occupation in military is very noble.
If you join, you'll become property of the united states government and you will be expected to do as you are told. If you really love this country and would fight to defend our flag and our way of life, then go ahead and join. If you are a malcontent about being an American, avoid the military. It sounds to me as if you made up your mind a long time ago. If you do join, you will get to go places you never expected to go and you will get to do things you never expected to do.
I had a rough time with military service but I also had a lot of fun and more importantly it was very good for me as a person.

Dr Jello Doctor of Science
Be a real man, join the Navy. Same job, more travel, better experience.

Edge Caliber
All i do is party and hook up with girls every weekend does not sound too bad in my opinion.

Education > Military

That being said, this is not the case for everyone.

You have to make up your own mind. But my mother, uncle, and granddaddy were all officers in the Air Force and they loved it.

Will Y
I joined when I was 23 and have never regretted it for a moment.

The Air Force believes in a work hard play hard attitude so you won't be giving up ALL of the partyingand hooking up.

Basic training and some of the earlier training you will go through for pararescue will be all work and no hooking up but that is over fairly quickly.

Once you are off duty you can go out and have fun and party as long as you stay smart about it. (No drugs, no drinking & driving, no overdoing it so you are impared when you next go on duty)
The military will give you structure and guidance you may need to decide what you want to be when you grow up (I didn't Know what I wanted to be when I grew up until I had been in the service for a couple of years)

If nothing else, by serving in the military, you will gain experiences and education that many would never dream of and have a chance to do something to serve your country.

Saif khan
yes you should this is coming from no expierience but i think u should:P one in a lifetime chance or u can wait n be fat n usless all day like ur fat friends!!!!

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