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In an all out war, who would win, USA or the UK?
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In an all out war, who would win, USA or the UK?

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no nukes allowed, just good old soldiering and hand to hand fighting! surely, 1 pissed up brit, could take on about 200-300 soft as **** yanks


Phil H
They may have more firepower and resources but yanks cant hit a cows **** with a banjo!!

the u.k army would pick them off like apples from a tree!!

honey lugs
The UK, if the war lasted longer than a few days. the US don't do long term conflict very well.

Dry Dreamer
This has been asked before and it was agreed that the U.K. would thrash the imperialist dogs. have a nice day

The USA would win on the day but be disqualified later for failing the drug test, but it wouldn't happen anyway because George Bush couldn't find his way out of a paper bag never mind find the UK

Who cares... If it were a bare knuckle fight though, the Americans would get there a$$es kicked.... Only know how to use guns.
And the Scottish, after a few Drambuie's would make the best front line.

Guardian angel
USA couldn't beat the Vietnamese so i very much doubt that they could beat the Brits.We will never surrender

peace for all
The UK will win.The real power in the world is the UK., The USA is a tool for the UK, This elephent ( as a pit animal for the uk ) some times becomes emotional and creats problems for its boss.this big boss, the uk , has ruled over the entire world including this elephant, for hundereds of years , and this rule was with success and development and not any destructions , this elephant cant control a group like TALIBAN in Afganistan ,
Do you believe that there is entire hatered from this elephant throughout the world , and likenes for the uk, even in iraq and afganistan, because the america has no moral values while the uk is a king in this regard
please note that all these remarks are not for the innocent people of america , these are only for the hidden enemies of the american nation , the world is expecting flowers and not bombs from america , but it is giving bombs, which is never the will of the innocent americans ,
There is no comarision between the uk and the usa ,

Going by the last two world wars, The UK....simply because the USA wouldn't turn up on time! The 1st world war started in 1914....The Yanks didn't get there until 1917, & the 2nd world war began in 1939......they decided to show their faces at the END of 1941!!!!!!!!!!

bit of a no brainer. US have 10 times the cash spend on arms
US have 20 times the soldiers.
US are a bunch of warmongering, guntoting freaks.

Saying that, they're also pretty dumb. Whats that really big country in asia? Oh, its the UK.

The answer is in the history books.


GO UK!!!! lol

Ghad Joe
I think the French would win.

Why would you even want to know this?, Surely it is something normal people would hope never happens

Wouldn't that be a turn around!!!
I'm not sure I would like to see that but I think the U.S. would win with fire power.
Imagine each side looking for alies!!

with friendly fire UK would lose more soldiers even if we were on the same side lol

Who cares?

WWIII is about to break loose so watch that.

Despite the US superior firepower they have struggled against such military powerhouses as: Vietnam, Iraq, Granada, Afghanstan etc.

Assuming the US don't play dirty and they keep the current command structure ie Bush CofS and Rumsfeld SofS Defense, I think we would have a better chance of embarrassing them any of the above.

Nathan R
You shouldn't ask a question like this. President Bush might decide to invade because of your weapons of mass destruc.........because of your evil dicta............well because, aw shucks. When he thinks of a reason I'm sure he'll let us know. In the meantime we will be happy to come free your country.

If it was a battle of wits, the UK would win.

If it was down to firepower the U.S.


faw m
I think a better question would be who would win usa or russia

John B
The friendly fire answer is the best and how true. However you can never underestimate the underdog. Argentina should have won our little war but guess what the underdog came to the fore without USA help and won. My money would be on the UK, knowing how to use technology is better than having lots of it not doing any good.

On whose turf? There aren't enough people in Britain to invade America, and America has always struggled badly with invasion. Apparently, the Brits have the best pilots in the world so maybe they would win the aerial battles considering allot of new US fighter planes are unstable in dog fights (they would have to use there F14's to beat us) On the water the yanks would beat the UK hands down despite Britain's long history of Naval superiority. The US just has too many giant ships and nuclear subs.

Despite Americas well renowned, (supposed) superior firepower, I think they would underestimate the might of the British military. It would actually come down to who wanted to win the most and at the moment I see Britain as being in some sort of identity crisis at the moment where as Americans are very proud and patriotic, so I think they would win.

However, a war against the UK may be just the thing that unites the Brits together and a Britain united would be unstoppable.

No nukes allowed - it would be the US hands down.

We actually stopped planning for war against the US in the 1920's on the grounds that it would be such a futile proposition.

One US carrier group would cause the RAF immense problems. 2 would overwhelm it.

Its true that the average squaddie is of higher quality, but when you get to the US' numbers then quantity has a quality of its own.

sadie 69
definately us brits would win....i mean come on theyd all be checking there pearly white teeth in the mirror...while we would sneak in and destroy there puffy army....lol

if in old times ,Russian afriend of chinaman
because we have many groups and the nnnnnnnew WEAPON
and human Being ,,,
but e Lossie in the battle of jamUK beacase we likesLondongirls
and they likes chinesegirls too,,,so we keep peaceinhongkong
(Life iis good) nine F is good,,,

USA will win because of superior firepower and resources.

The usa will win. Heres why. the usa has 300 million people and the english have like 60 million. England doesn't even have enough population to invade America lol. The American navy is like 5x the size of england's and the usa will win the seas. With aircraft, the usa has more aircraft than the raf and are more expierinced. The 459 f22's will make the euorfighter look like an aircraft devoloped by the second grade. Although england has f22's and f35's they do not have the amount the american airforce and marines and navy have. our submarines are more in numbers and are more efficteve. we have air power and control of the sky. The usa's government is the biggest in the world and has the econemy for a war with a contry the size of alabama lol. The special forces and covert operations go to the americans beacuse of the navy seal. just to let you know they go through 13-15 weeks of training. Its the most trained force on the planet. the sas is great in numbers though. i change my mind. special forces is a tie. the army is the stickey part. both sides would suffer more than 600,000 casulites in ground combat. its a bloodbath. but the americans and english are equial in this part. the americans would win in numbers. You cant win a war without nukes if you dont have a ground force to defend your own country. the country of i mean island of england would be destroyed. england would surrender within i think 7-12 months of war. If england tried to invade usa, lol, would be RIPPED INTO BLOODY RIBBONS AND EATEN FOR BREAKFEAST. america can get 12 million civil soiliders to protect the free land. PS. Why do people say just because america has 300 million people that so many are dumbasses. LOL WTF? america makes all of englands war supplies besides the phrase 'bloody hell' lol. and also the last thing is an americans can hit a cows ass with a banjo and they are as accurate as brits. a yank is not as softass as u think. just try to beat up a yank and youll wish you wouldnt have been so stupid.

Whoever says that the UK would win your wrong. The US as far more the best military and technology there is. If it was down to no firepower, the US would still win. US is superior, the most power fullest nation in the world. We wouldn't fight the UK because we are allies and we would never fight. We are very close allies, and this question is stupid. Im out peace.

i dont care about ireland and the other nations. we would kick there ass with ease as well. it would be a breeze. johnwalldance is right. america would destroy the uk with ease and after they won the war they would have another boston tea party this time in plymouth lol.

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