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In order to try out to be a Navy SEAL, do I have to be in the Navy?
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In order to try out to be a Navy SEAL, do I have to be in the Navy?

I'm going to be joining the Marine Corp in less than a month, and from the start (three years ago) I have had an aspiration to become a SEAL. My father and a cousin both say that they accept ALL forces, and they are in the Air force, and the other in the Army.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Rob G
No, you have to be in the navy to be a SEAL. The good news is you can go to Marine Special Operation Command. You will have a ball and get to work with all the spec ops guys from ea of the branches, plus it's always better to be a Marine anyways, you'll see.

The are wrong as are 99.9 % of people who speak of any Special Operations related issue. You will have to be IN the Navy to try out for and be selected as a SEAL...period.

That's why they are the Navy SEALs and not the DOD SEALs

De Oppresso Liber
When people think of Special Operational Forces, they automatically think SEALS. This is not the case. Every branch has its own SOF's.

The Army has The Special Forces or Green berets, Rangers (not really SOF but specialized infantry), Deltas, and CAG

Marine Corps has Force Recon

Air Force has Pararescue and combat controllers

Navy has Seals

and I believe even the coast guard is developing a special tactics team as well

Ed D
That's a load of bunk. You have to be in the Navy or Coast Guard before you can go to BUD/S and SQT and try to become a SEAL.

What they may have said to you is that you can be in the special forces in any branch, this is true. Each branch has its own cadre of special forces. The Army has its Rangers and Special Forces ("Green Berets"). The Air Force has several different types of special forces Airmen in the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). The Marine Corps says it has no elite force because it *is* an elite force, but in reality they have a cadre of special operations "capable" Marines organized into Force Recon companies.

It is also theoretically possible to transfer one's enlistment into the Navy from another branch and then go to BUD/S that way. It does, from what I've heard, happen but it's exceedingly rare.

Is it AirForce Seal? No? Is it Army Seal? No? Is it Marine Seal? No? Is Navy Seal? YES! Ahhh! Do you have to be a Doctor to operate? Or you can just be a PARAMEDIC?

Amanda W
I agree with previous post. You have to go through Navy basic training before you can go on for SEAL training, so that makes you a member of the world's finest Navy. The Navy does take prior-enlistees though, so you could theoretically do your time in the Marines and then enlist with the Navy and go for SEAL training. good luck with whatever you choose.

El Diablo
No. Now by writing that question you should have noticed you answered it yourself. NAVY SEALS!!! The first word is a dead give away. I'm not sure, but I think they may cross-train with other branches' special forces, i.e. Force Recon, Rangers, Delta, etc.

If I am not mistaken,your father and cousin are talking about Delta Force teams. They are an anti-terrorist unit supposedly located at Fort Bragg. They are like GI JOE. After you retire out the regular military then you can join them. You must be elite and good at what you do.

As for the SEAL's, I looked into joining the SEAL's back in the 80's. You know the fail rate is high. And the last time I checked, SEAL's is about dedication and mental/physical capabilities. THEY ONLY ACCEPT US SAILORS, to work on their teams. However UDT school is different. They accept all branches. I think your father and cousin are confused on the schools. Perhaps I am wrong but that is what I believe. Good luck on finding your answer!

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