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In previous wars did women get drafted into nursing or volunteer?
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In previous wars did women get drafted into nursing or volunteer?

I know there probly wont be a war with drafting any time soon, but i was just curious how women previously got into wars, if they chose or were drafted.


MP US Army
They were volunteers.

Women have never been drafted in to the US Military.

My Grandmother was in the Woman's Army Corps in World War 2

They volunteered. Women have never been drafted by the US Military.

Depends on what country and how far back we're talking about here. I'm sure at some point women have been forced into nursing during times of war in several countries. Here in the United States, they have typically volunteered. That is to say that I do not know of any cases where they were forced to serve as nurses (and it's certainly not true in the modern day), but it's possible that it happened back during the Revolution, the Civil War, etc.

nursing is a very new profession.
no, they weren't drafted.
look up Florence Nightingale.

if i remember correctly, in Israel, everyone has to serve in the military.

FL Girl
They volunteered. There wasn't any drafting of women.

they never were in the past. but they probably will be in the future

Marci †SFECU† pray4revival
In various times in various places in various cultures, sometimes women were drafted. I saw a picture of a Muslim women's army that were drafted. The women in the military from the US only volunteer.

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