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In the Military, can you choose your occupation.?
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In the Military, can you choose your occupation.?

I was just wondering if you can ask to be something in the military, like a sniper, and have a chance of receiving that position.


sort of.

your ASVAB scores determine what job you qualify for. the Classifier will give you a list to choose from based on that. the job you want may or may not be among them.

many jobs come with additional prerequisites such as normal color vision, ability to get a clearance, or 20/20 eyesight.

Have you done absolutely no research and closed your ears off entirely?

Yes, you can pick your job, if it is open. Most branches reserve the right to change your job to suit the needs of the military, although that is pretty rare.

Depends on your branch. For examply, the Army allows you to pick your MOS directly if you are going enlisted but you have to qualify for it and they have to have a vacancy for it. On the other hand, the Air Force allows you to pick from several different areas but you aren't always guaranteed they job you might want.

Go Navy
Short answer, to an extent.
Do some more research.

u can ask for approval for certain positions such as tank, artillry, aircraft,sniper etc you ask for approval take a test if u past then u enter training for that certain proffession

Melvin C

You can choose a services, and a vocation which is general. But to be in specific group with specific skills, you need to proof yourselves.

Like sniper, besides shooting, you need to be physically, to withstand the harsh element out in the wild.

Sniper is very different from sharp-shooter in the Police force or Naval force. All the above can shoot very well, but it is the sniper that have the skill to live off the land in the wild, and the skill of survival.

I have chosen to sail with the Navy, and I work hard to be an officer. However, it is but to the service to choose me to the department they deem fit. Some specialised to be weapon specialist, some navigation, some research, some submarina etc. You can request, but it is but to the service (Navy) to accept you.

It is good to serve your country with your youth. Remember, it should be country before self. Serve and don't complaint.

All the best to your career

It depends on how well you do on the ASVAB.

SEALs and Marine Recon are renown for their snipers abilities, Army also has revered snipers. If you have not done extensive research chances are you will not make it as a sniper. People who chose jobs for there 'glory' never make it far. Depending on what service you join, the snipers qualifications will be different..though here are some things you should shoot for.

You can always talk to a recruiter. They will offer you 3-4 other jobs that you are willing to do, besides being a sniper. If you drop out of school, they will throw you into another job that you wanted most likely, unless you are needed elsewhere in the military.

You should score higher than 45 on the ASVAB.
Be in top condition, running 3 miles in below 21 minutes
Be able to do 75+ push ups
Swim 500m in 12minutes
15-20 pull ups
and most importantly have an iron will to never quit.

Knowing what branch you want to serve should be your first starting point, find out the different sniper positions within the military. Some are tougher to get into, such as SEALs. Guaranteed all branches will be a challenge to you, sniper are a coveted position and are sought after by many young men.

Good Luck.

You do have a choice, but it all depends on your level of education and how well you score on your entrance test.

I don't think you have the choice at all, its all based on your skills.

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