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In the navy can u choose the boot camp leave date?
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In the navy can u choose the boot camp leave date?

for when u leave to go to boot camp


Yak Rider
Yes, if you decide to enlist WITHOUT a school guarantee (no job) you can then pick the date you want to leave. I do NOT recommend this. Going out to the fleet without a guaranteed job is a big mistake.

If you want a guaranteed job you'll have to leave for boot camp based on the date that job's available.

It's possible that the job you want could available several times during the upcoming year. In that case you are free to pick which of those times you like best, but you can't change it to suit your needs.

not quite, but usually in the month that you want to leave.

when you ship depends on what rating you choose and when the next opening in that A school is.

usually they can give you sometime in the month you want.

with the way the economy is doing people are waiting longer due to people joining the military. i have been in dep for the navy since november. they usually pick the date for you, it is pick for the open spots in your A school

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